In Today’s rapidly changing world, everyone demands to have a fit lifestyle, a muscular body, a fat-free structure, so if one is serious about weight loss, then this is the best article for them to refer to see results. HIIT Workout, commonly known as High-Intensity Interval Training, is a fat burn exercise where one needs a lot of dedication to do it as it is an intense burst task that keeps your heart rate up. It boosts metabolism.

HIIT workouts by and large mingle quick bursts of intense training with periods of respite or lower-intensity exercise. At health studios and online, these workouts repeatedly combine aerobic and resistance training.


HIIT workout is very much useful if you do it with honesty. It doesn’t mean that you spend hours in the GYM; you can only get its benefit if you do it in a limited time. According to one of the Athletes, one needs to give about 15-20 mins; if it exceeds 30 mins then probably you are not grabbing its benefits. You can do it twice or thrice in a week, depending on your body structure and the amount of calories you want to lose.


In this Pandemic, going to the gym is a foolish thing; you can do 10 Best HIIT workouts at home itself by doing some of the exercises which are possible without any equipment. So get ready for a sweaty session. 10 Exercises – 45 sec, each with a 10-sec break ( Stretching / Cool Down).

HIIT Exercises

  • Jumping Jacks – A prevalent classical exercise is good for the quadriceps, hamstrings, deltoids, and abdominal muscles. You should keep your app tight with high intensity. If you do it in a slow-motion, it will not help at all.
  • High Knees – Lift your legs to 90 degrees, at least. Balance is essential here.
  • Hand Release Pushups – similar to push-ups
  • Jump Lunges – Do it when you become an expert in the basic lunges. Avoid landing too hard, an excellent workout for legs. If you feel discomfort in your lower part, avoid it.
  • Russian Twist – perfect for your core, keep your legs a bit higher from the floor, twist your body on both sides, balance is more important, concentrate on your breathing pattern as well.
  • Jumping ropes – Maintain your postures.
  • Planks (Full to Half) – Keep your hands in line with your shoulder. Swiftly move your body between your elbows. It is suitable for your back as well.
  • Dumbbell arms workout – Don’t take the help of your back when you lift; you can start with 2 kgs in each hand (female) and 5 kgs each (male).
  • Bicycle Crunches – Touch your opposite knees with your elbows while lying down on your back.
  • Foot fires – Keep your heels up and touch the feet continuously on the floor.
  • Burpees – This is a tough one. Start from standing position to squat down and jump your feet back into a plank position.
  • Superman with Lateral raises – It strengthens the muscles on your backside, core muscles, and your body learns stability.
  • Squat – It increases the strength and size of lower body muscles and also strengthens the core.
  • Flutter Kicks – It improves posture, balance & stability, abdominal muscle, and a strong core.
  • Crunches – It strengthens the core and reduces belly fat. Try to do different types of crunches.

It is very well said, Exercises are not enough if you don’t have a proper diet to maintain yourself, because diet includes a 75% contribution to your workout. You need to have a strict plan if you want results.

HIIT Diet Plan

  • Vegetables.
  • Quinoa or healthy grains.
  • Protein shakes.
  • Bananas, Papaya and Mangoes.
  • Protein supplements.


HIIT food


Let’s break it into three categories :

Sweet Potato Wedges –

300g Sweet potato

pepper, salt, just spices, paprika, garlic Mix all and microwave for 4 mins

Lay on parchment paper and bake at 200 degrees for 20 mins until nice and crispy.

Burger –

Peace burger patty

Beetroot hummus


Sun-dried tomato


Salad –




Lime Juice

Generally, every person likes to get returns on things they invest, so when you invest your time into it, it will give you benefits for the effort you have put in. It has a lot of benefits; one cannot know its benefits until they don’t perform. Here is a brief idea of what all it gives you.

HIIT benefits

  • Blood Sugar:- It can help one to control its sugar level; also, it improves its insulin resistance to just in less than 12 weeks of practice.
  • Blood Pressure:- It helps to reduce blood pressure because most people who are obese have no control over blood pressure, and 8 weeks of HIIT can help it.
  • Gain muscle:- Yes, it can help to gain muscle too, it depends on your diet; if you have a heavy diet, you can gain muscle, and if a normal one, then you will lose fat.
  • Reducing body fat:- HIIT may decrease body fat more than any other exercise like jogging, running, etc.
  • Cardiovascular health:- It helps in the improvement of a good heart as well as cardiovascular conditions.
  • Burn a lot of calories:- It burns many calories in a short period of exercise time. Research says that HIIT burns 25-30% more than any other exercise like weight training, running, or cycling.
  • Improves oxygen consumption:- Research says that if you do HIIT workout four days a week for 20 minutes each, it can improve oxygen consumption by 9%.

HIIT Tips and Tricks –


HIIT tips and tricks


  • Start Slow – Since HIIT is geared towards a different intense workout, pacing manually can be dangerous. One approach to smooth into these workouts is to modify the intensity, work, and rest periods, total workout duration, or amount of exercise you ample.
  • Find the Right Schedule – Target for one or two times per week to calculate 15 minutes all session. As most of it adapts, you preserve leisurely strengthening the add up to the time of your calisthenics to 30 minutes. If you tranquil desire a challenge, at that time, instantly suggests that you can intensify one new day of HIIT to your large appropriateness plan.
  • Pay attention to signs of overtraining – HIIT’s workouts residence a slice of stress on your muscles, cardiovascular system, and immune system. If your drama, in addition to a lot of HIIT sessions each one week, you may notice that you’re headed down the route to overtraining. More or less of the extra nothing special cherry flags to be interested in rope in decreased performance, unnecessary fatigue, restlessness, a multiply in exercise-related injuries, shakeup, and moodiness.
  • Fuel your body for further intense workouts – Making sure your mass is appropriately fueled before calisthenics is essential, particularly for a beginner. To take advantage of energy, aim to dine a carefree meal one to two hours pre-exercise consisting of protein, well fats, and multiplex carbs. Then, opt for a post-workout snack or meal contained by an hour after ending your session.


It is said that anything you do is useful only when you are in a limit. Overdrinking can damage your internal body, over smoking can cause you uneasy to breathe in that same way when you do HIIT workout, it is necessary that workout to the extent your body can take. Once you are Exhausted, stop there, or else it can cause a problem to your body because it creates pressure on your nervous system, and overdoing it can be dangerous.



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