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This lockdown has given us more time to think and act on ourselves. Making your well being your number one priority is key right now. With well-being blogs on simple ways to reduce stress to the vegan lifestyle, we hope to aid you with things you can do for the art of a healthier lifestyle. Here are some home remedies you can use for healthy skin. 


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Say Goodbye to Dry Skin with these 5 min Tips!

yellow face mask

1.Yellow and mellow mask

  • Mashed Bananas ½ 
  • Honey 2 tbsp 
  • Turmeric 1 tsp 

Add the turmeric and honey to the mashed up bananas, massage on skin and neck for 10-15 minutes. Wash off with cold water. 

Bananas are a source of Vitamin A which repairs dry skin and restores moisture and this pack will do just that! 


2.Blushy face mask-

home remedies

Apply and leave the mixture on your face and neck for 15 minutes. 

This face pack will leave your skin moisturized as olive oil contains fatty acids while tomatoes contain Vitamin C leaving skin supple and firm. 


3.Golden and Glowing Mask

home remedies

Prepare the mixture, apply, and leave it on your skin for 15-20 minutes. Repeat twice weekly as organic skincare for your skin. 


Papaya is a natural exfoliator removing dead skin cells from one’s face. Honey and Oats are nourishing home remedies as they have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties leaving dry skin at bay.


home remedies 4.Breezy Green Mask 

Prepare yogurt and grated cucumber in a bowl and whisk until semi-smooth. Add the tea tree oil and aloe vera gel to the mixture and apply for 15 minutes. Apply it once or twice weekly for supple skin.

Yogurt contains lactic acid, a compound that helps fight wrinkles, a natural anti-aging ingredient. Cucumber and aloe vera are home remedies that hydrate the skin while tea tree oil reduces blemishes and dark spots, making it an all-rounded face pack at your doorstep!


5.Saffron Magic Mask- home remedies

  • Saffron few strands – buy here
  • Milk Malai 3 tbsp
  • Water or Milk 1 tbsp

Soak the saffron in some water or milk for a half an hour and add it to the malai. Mix thoroughly before applying on the face to feel uber-wealthy. 

Saffron is one of the high-end home remedies providing a luxurious glow and softness to the skin as it reduces pigmentation. Milk Malai is a natural detoxifier and exfoliator making skin more glowing and soft. This pack will make your skin feel like a Gucci store! 



Leave Oily skin behind with these 5 Natural Skincare Home remedies:-


6. 24k gold mask-

Dilute the apple cider vinegar in water, add the turmeric and malai making a paste. Apply it on your face and neck for 10 minutes. Do not add apple cider vinegar without diluting. 

Apple cider vinegar reduces pigmentation and maintains a healthy pH level of the skin for brightness. Turmeric has anti-aging and healing properties, helping your skin to heal from acne and pigmentation while malai leaves an everlasting glow. Apply it twice weekly for two months and it will leave up to its name. 


7. Sassy Witch Hazel pack- home remedies

Mix the clay with witch hazel and add rose water until you make a smooth paste. Spread it all over your face to dry and repeat it twice weekly.

To know more about witch hazel, click here!


home remedies 8. Activated glow with charcoal mask- 

Mix both the ingredients to make a paste and apply it for 10 minutes. Use this mask once in two weeks as extra usage of activated charcoal may harm the natural barriers of the skin.

This two-step mask is perfect for lazy days where you are in the mood to focus on yourself. The activated charcoal unclogs pores and attracts all dirt, toxins, and so on from the skin. 


9. Healthy like an Apple- 

  • Apple mashed 2tbsp 
  • Yogurt 1 tbsp 
  • Lemon Juice 1tsp 

Mash the apple and add the yogurt and lemon juice making a paste. Apple’s antioxidant property protects from skin damage while lemon juice helps lighten skin. 

Applying this pack once a week will keep the oily skin away forever!


home remedies flowery 10. White and flowery pack- 

  • Rice flour 2tbsp 
  • Rosewater 3tbsp 
  • Lavender Oil few drops (Buy now)

Mix the rose water and rice flour until a semi-thick paste. Then add the drops of oil and mix thoroughly and apply for 20 minutes. 

Rice flour helps reduce skin damage, exfoliates dead skin cells, and leaves with soft glowing skin. Repeat it once weekly for better effects.

Read more about Rice Flour benefits here.


Combination skin is the oil T-zone i.e. nose and forehead with dryness on the cheeks and forehead. 

Combination skin products are difficult to find that are effective for one’s skin. 

Hence one can use Multi masking i.e. applying different masks for different areas of your face. 

So take some different color home remedies and have a rainbow slumber party! 


home remedies

11. Smooth like Avocado- 

  • Avocado mashed 3tbsp
  • Olive oil 2tbsp 
  • Raw Honey 1tbsp 
  • Cinnamon 1tbsp 
  • Sugar 1tbsp 

Mash the avocado with olive oil and proceed to add cinnamon, sugar, and honey to make a smooth paste. Apply and leave for 10-15 minutes and repeat it twice weekly. 

Avocados are used to moisturize the skin as it restores moisture due to their fatty nature. Cinnamon and sugar are home remedies for natural exfoliators removing dead skin cells from the face. This mask will make your skin as soft as a baby. 


home remedies 12. Mitti di khushbu pack-

Mix the turmeric, Multani mitti, cucumber, and add rosewater gradually until you make a paste-like consistency. Apply it once every week for healthy skin. 

Multani mitti is a predominant organic skincare product and is often suggested as natural tips for glowing skin. It extracts excess oil from your face and unclogs pores, leaving skin soft and glowing. Multani mitti and it’s variants are home remedies that every grandmother used for their everlasting beauty. 


home remedies 13. Orange peel mask- 

  • Dried Orange peel powder 2tbsp 
  • Yoghurt 1tbsp 
  • Tea tree Oil few drops (Get it now)

Dry 5-6 orange peels and grind them into a fine powder. Add Yoghurt and Tea tree oil until it makes a smooth paste. Apply the paste for 15-20 minutes once weekly for glowing effects and healthy skin. 

Orange peels naturally remove excess oil from the skin, leaving your skin shiny and beautiful. With the yogurt and tea tree oil that moisturizes the skin, decreases pigmentation, reduces blemishes, it is another all-rounder pack perfect for a quick self-care before a party! 


14. Plump and ready pack- 

  • Beetroot Juice 1 ½ tbsp 
  • Milk 1 tbsp 
  • Coconut oil 1tbsp 
  • Beetroot pulp 1 tbsp 

Mix milk, coconut oil, beetroot pulp into a bowl, and add beetroot juice gradually until you make a paste. Apply the paste for 10-15 minutes weekly for the best results. 

Beetroots are best for increasing blood circulation in the body, leaving your face flushed and ready. They are home remedies that also remove dead skin cells, thoroughly nourishing the skin leaving dry skin away! 

15. Carrot, Carrot, and Carrot- 

  • Carrot grated 2tbsp 
  • Raw honey 1-2 tbsp – buy here
  • Cinnamon 1tsp – buy here
  • Coffee 1 tbsp – buy here


Mix all the ingredients and add honey as required to make a paste. Apply and leave the paste for 10-15 minutes for beauty tips are your fingers.

Carrots have Vitamin A that flush out toxins from the skin, removes excess oil, and leaves skin with glowing and firm effects. 

These are some natural tips for glowing and healthy skin for all fellow self lovers out there. With these home remedies in your hand, you are ready to conquer the skincare world. Though there are certain things you should look out for before using any recipe from the internet for the skin.


  • Always do a patch test on your arm to check for any allergic reactions from any ingredients. 
  • Understand your skin needs and mix and match ingredients if needed from the recipes to provide what’s best for you. 
  • Research before using any unfamiliar ingredient before applying it to your skin. 
  • All-natural beauty tips or home remedies do not work for everyone unless repeated for a month or two minimum.
  • Set a routine to use these home remedies according to your requirements.

To have more in-depth research of skincare and how to choose products for your skin, click here for our 4 skincare tips for healthy and glowing skin!


home remedies


We hope these home remedies were helpful, till then stay happy, stay safe, and love yourself! 


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