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Instagram pictures with #wokeuplikethis of beautiful people with flawless skin have set the bar too high for us normies. Skincare is a vast market where everyone has a match made. You will not need a Seema aunty to find your perfect match as this article will help you to find your own! Here are some glowing skin secrets that are unraveled!

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I. Choose the right skincare item for you:-

Every individual has a unique need that cannot be filled by mainstream products. Many skin types require a specific lifestyle for healthy skin, and hence research comes in handy. We have some hacks and tips for glowing skin so as to help you choose the best skincare for you:- 


1. What skin type are you? 

Learn more about your skin type first. Oily, dry, sensitive, combinations, understand by observing how your skin reacts to your daily routine, i.e. going out in the sun, your daily diet, your existing products, and so on. 

Your skin type will reduce the overwhelming market of skincare products to the products that you will need. Take a better look over here. 


2. Check the ingredients:

The long list of ingredients might be overwhelming, but they are one of the few things one needs to check before committing to a product. Ingredients that are listed might be harmful to you. So be sure and check all the ingredients before buying the skincare product. Find the 10 nasty ingredients that are extremely harmful to your skin here below:




Hyaluronic acid

(helps to reverse aging),

Aluminum, DEA


Beta hydroxy acid

(improves texture and color of damaged skin),



Kojic Acid

(helps with pigmentation),


(triethanolamine, causes dry skin and skin irritation)


(reduces fine lines and wrinkles)

Mineral oil

(clogs pores)

Alpha-hydroxy acid

(helps in shrinking pores),

Siloxanes or Methicone

(harmful to wildlife and ocean life)

3. Patch test:

Always do a patch test of any new product you buy, i.e. apply it on the crook of your arm, your fist, your palm, and so on. Observe how your skin reacts to the product, whether it causes irritation or redness. Some ingredients may not bode well to your skin.

For example:

The infamous Kylie Skincare brand used walnuts in their scrub and many complained walnut scrub being too harsh on their skin. Due to the texture of walnut particles being too rough, many customers experienced tiny tears in their skin. Others were excellent with the product as it proved to be a good exfoliating scrub for them.

The key observation shows how an ingredient seemingly harmful is quite safe for others to use.


4. Avoid skincare products with Fragrance: 

Generally, skin care products with artificial scents have chemicals that can be harmful to the skin. Many good and trusted skincare products are not scented, eliminating any chemicals that can irritate. 

About 75% of the products that have fragrance listed contain harmful chemical phthalates. This chemical results in hazardous health conditions like low sperm count, liver, and breast cancers. Phthalates are used to make the fragrance last longer. There are types of phthalates like DBP, DMP, and DEP which are safe to use, however with caution as approved by the FDA.


5. Expensive skincare is not always right:

We believe that the higher the money, the higher the quality, though that is not the case. Many expensive skincare products usually have the same output as any other budget-friendly product. Do not buy into the hype of costly products, do your research! 


6. Be Aware:

Always read about the reviews on the product. Research about the ingredients if they are compatible with your skin or not. If the product doesn’t fit in your budget, look for the best alternatives. It is a monopolistic market; every product has a similar substitute, so do not give into the first product you find. 

II. Skincare secret: Health, Health, and Health! 

A healthy and balanced diet is key to most of the problems we face. A well-balanced diet gives your body a chance to perform at its best. A lifestyle of healthy skin can help one prevent wrinkles, decrease dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, prevent acne, moisturize the skin, and so on. Having a healthy skin diet is the best skincare one can practice. After all, a healthy lifestyle not only solves all problems but also prevents them! 

Here are some tips for glowing skin by using food items. 

4 Skincare Tips for healthy and glowing skin


1. Avocados

Are we surprised avocados are on the list? Avocados-tips-glowing-skin-green-recipes-trygreenrecipes-

Not at all, avocados are the superhero of the food world.

Anything can be solved with ripe avocado. Healthy fats like omega 3 moisturize skin naturally.

Vitamins E present in avocados are antioxidants that protect the skin from oxidative damage. Vitamin C present has collagen, which is good for the skin, giving it a more youthful and healthy look. 


2. Dry Fruits and Nuts

Dry fruits and nuts have anti-aging and skin-friendly properties. Almonds and pistachios help in removing dead skin cells. Walnuts are a good source of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, and a good balance of both helps in reducing inflammation of your skin. 

Start today with these to strengthen your core and spine internally! The benefits of having these daily are immense!


3. Olives

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, “Oleuropein, a compound only found in olives, decreases the oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol by scavenging nitric oxide, a reactive oxygen-containing molecule.” It is an excellent antioxidant and one of the best healthy skincare items one can utilize. 

Olive oil, black olives, jalapenos, pickled olives are few of the variants one can use, so crack open that olive oil and make yourself some delicious pesto. It is not a guilty pleasure.



4. Papaya

Papaya contains Vitamin A and Papain enzyme, which removes dead skin cells. Papaya is also good for your stomach, flushing out toxins from the body for more radiant skin. Chilled papaya smoothie never harmed anybody. 


5. Apples

Apples are jam-packed with Vitamins A and C, which help in producing more collagen and reduce inflammation. They help in the process of reducing anti-aging. Apple peels are high in antioxidants and can be used for a more radiant glow. An apple a day keeps skin aging away!  


6. Red and Yellow bell peppers

Red and yellow bell peppers are high in Vitamin C. Who is surprised? I am not! Collagen maintains the skin structure, which is necessary for a more youthful look. Chop up some bell peppers with some hummus and get snacking! 


7. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are high in fiber, good for your gut health. A happy stomach harbors a healthy skin. Sweet potatoes also consist of beta carotene and magnesium, which are anti-inflammatory agents. 


8. Greens & Fruits for skin 4 Skincare Tips for healthy and glowing skin green recipes trygreenrecipes

Green leafy vegetables like cabbage, spinach, kale are a good source of Vitamin K. Vitamin K is known for reducing bruising and swelling. It can help in reducing stubborn acne marks, dark under eyes, stretch marks, and so on. Fruits good for skin are very underrated by the media today! 

Include these brightly colored vegetables and fruits in your diet and make your skin as radiant and youthful as the sun! Want some recipes for the same? Check out, try green recipes for meal plan ideas! 

9. Exercise Healthy-lifestlye-fitness-exercises-green-recipes-trygreenrecipes

Exercising holds the answer to “how to get healthy and glowing skin.” It does not only contribute to physical health but is also an excellent skincare tip! 

Exercising improves blood flow in our body. Blood carries essential nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, which is excellent in the preservation of healthy skin.

Due to increased blood flow, the body detoxifies faster flushing out most of the toxins from the body. 

Exercising outside though can be a risk, however applying sunscreen and wearing work out material clothes can help a great deal. Every person has a unique fit for their skin and body and hence it is advisable to do your research first

Want some at-home tips for glowing skin? We got you! Here are some glowing skin secrets you can unravel at home! 


The Best part about home remedies are that you get to experiment with what is available at home most of the times!

What’s even better is that they hardly cost you anything as compared to those expensive skin care kits and icing on the cake is that they rarely have any major side effects!

Isn’t it exactly what we look for all the time? Well, now you know! Read the 4 best tried and tested tips for glowing skin with Lifelong results!

1. Multani Mitti multani mitti green recipes trygreenrecipes.com

Multani mitti also called as Bentonite clay is the desi way to hop on the skincare train. Multani mitti reduces inflammation, helps in reducing tanning patches, deep cleanses the skin, a cooling agent for rashes, fights blackheads, and the list goes on and on. 

1 tbsp Multani mitti

1 tsp turmeric

Few dashes of rose water 

Make a paste of the following and apply it on your skin twice a week for radiant and healthy skin. 

Start today by buying here.


2. Gram Flour


Gram flour , otherwise commonly known as Besan is very high in zinc, that has proven to be anti-inflammatory, fighting acne. Our mothers, their mothers passed down the tradition of applying gram flour paste for brighter and healthier skin.

One of the most affordable and effective methods with almost 0 side effects! Looks like we undermined it, didn’t we?

1tbsp gram flour

½ tbsp yogurt 

1tsp turmeric

1tsp lemon juice 

Make a paste of the following and apply for 20 minutes once a week for having an oil-free and radiantly glowing skin. Stock up for 2 weeks and see the results for yourself!


3. Sugar+Coffee

Sugar is a natural exfoliator due to the texture. A sugar and coffee exfoliator can be used to scrub off dead skin cells for softer skin. Here’s how you can do it:

1tbsp Sugar

1tbsp coffee

½ honey

Massage on your face, elbows, knees, and neck for lightening skin. 

For better results, Practice this for thrice a week! Get it here!


4. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a natural cooling agent and is reputed in the skincare community. aloe-vera-healthy-safe-green-recipes-trygreenrecipes.com

An aloe vera mask reduces redness and blemishes, moisturizes the skin, and brightens skin. Follow these steps and apply twice a week!

1tbsp aloe vera gel 

¼ papaya squashed

1tbsp cocoa powder 

Mix all ingredients to make a paste and apply it for 15-20 minutes for supple skin. 

Ideally, Aloe vera plant has so many benefits that it is often found at most people’s houses! It is advisable to plant one or buy a ready one so that you are away from packaged aloe vera gels! But if you don’t want the hassle to plant one, Use this to get outstanding results in just a matter of few weeks!



Lastly, relaxing is the one of the best tips for glowing skin. Taking extreme amounts of stress for not matching society’s expectations will only harm the health of your skin. A healthy lifestyle helps you relax better! Having healthy skin does not mean a fair complexion. Every person has a unique complexion and skin type, which cannot be compared to any other.

Instead of changing your skin by applying thousands of skincare products, focus on healthier skin, which will make a better version of yourself. If you want some tips on how to reduce stress click here!

“Till then Love yourself for the uniqueness you acquire,

make yourself the highest priority, be your person, and everything will work out. :)”


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