The Art Of Healthy Living is not rocket science! Here are 5 quick steps to learn it!




Human beings have always yearned for a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle has always been a symbol of longevity and good fortune since time immemorial. Everyone wants to learn the art of healthy living. But as you know, anything worth achieving comes at a price! The words “healthy” or “lifestyle” have unfortunately become nothing more than a cliche in present times. It seems that every other person walking on the road has some or the other advice to offer regarding tips on a healthy and happy life. There is less walk on the talk on that road.

Well, the reality of life is that actions have always spoken louder than words and merely saying or knowing about something doesn’t guarantee having it!

Why is healthy living important?

Do you remember the last time you made that commitment to eat healthily and then ended up at the local McDonalds joint the very next day for a bite! Or the day when you decided to run a couple of kilometers every day but ended up doing that only once or twice a week. We need to realize that constantly procrastinating or merely having no motivation to live a healthier lifestyle will yield us no results. Therefore, the readers must develop the will needed to put in the work required before they move forward with this piece of literature. The sooner you achieve that, the better!

According to the WHO, health can be defined as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Therefore, the term health can be broadly broken down into physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual health. Thus, it is important to understand and appreciate the fact that only attaining a holistic version of health and not one or some versions of health will count as healthy.

Also, there seems to exist a big misconception among the society that living a healthy lifestyle requires a lot of money. It is very clear, that this wrong notion has been heavily marketed and glamourized by all kinds of media; the bigger culprit being social media. One can observe the new health supplements being launched in the market or the latest fitness equipment that people don’t stop talking about! All of these are aimed at brainwashing your mind into buying these exciting new things. Unfortunately, these so-called “exciting new things” which are recommended by celebrities often burn a hole in your pocket and they end up doing no significant good. Rather, the art of healthy living is about discipline and changing habits eventually.

Learn The Art of Living with 5 easy steps!
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STEP 1: Stress more on Physical Health!

STEP 2: Pay attention to Mental Health.

STEP 3: Address Emotional Stability.

STEP 4: Social well-being brings Satisfaction.

STEP 5: Spiritual wellness adds Meaning and Purpose to life!

You’ve mastered The art of healthy living!


Here are the 5 steps to master the art of healthy living –

1. Stress more on Physical Health
Learn The Art of Living with 5 easy steps!
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It’s very unfortunate that people don’t realize the importance of sleep and are sometimes willing to compromise on it. The lack of sleep has been associated with depleting health and early demise. Therefore, the person must take a good 8-10 hour sleep every single day.

Eating healthy is the most important aspect as far as physical health is considered. The popular saying “you are what you eat” is true and the type of food that you eat reflects itself in how the body behaves. Therefore, eating the right food and in the correct proportion is of the highest importance. Smoking and the intake of sugary foods should be avoided and meat and alcohol should be consumed in lesser proportions. Also, drink at least 5 litres of water every day. The diet should consist majorly of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Moving to the vegan or the vegetarian diet from the other diets is highly recommended.

A person should indulge himself/herself in regular exercise since the lack of it can result in lethargy and weight gain. A mix of weight and resistance training along with adequate cardiovascular exercises should be performed. A minimum of 40 minutes of exercise is recommended. Regular exercise will keep away diseases and will contribute to the overall enhancement the self-esteem. According to a study done by The American college of sports medicine and exercise has also been proved to reduce the effect of depression.

2. Pay attention to Mental Health

Mental health has been very prominent in the news for quite some time now. It has been a topic of controversy lately after many world celebrities came forward to discuss their mental health issues and problems. Therefore, mental health is a very important subject and should be discussed with more vigor within the society for the greater good of people.

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, good mental health can prevent the onset or the relapse of a physical or mental illness. I will be mentioning some tips in the below points which will help maintain the health of the most important organ of the body, and will also contribute to the mental growth and fitness of the individual.

Do some mind exercises every day. These could be the various mental fitness applications on the phone or could be the sudoku puzzle in your local newspaper.

Try indulging in some meditation as science has proven that meditation is good for a person’s mental health.

Try something new every time you get an opportunity. This could range from trying a new cuisine to taking a different path to a destination. Trying new stuff or being outside your comfort zone stimulates brain activity and is good for the overall fitness of your brain.

3. Address Emotional Stability
Learn The Art of Living with 5 easy steps!
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Emotional health is something that is rarely discussed in society. An emotionally healthy individual reacts in a neutral way to the peaks of life just as towards the lows in life! He doesn’t get too carried away with the happiness of today and neither is he too concerned under the pressure of tomorrow!

Being emotionally healthy doesn’t mean endless joy or happiness. It means that you will be able to deal with your emotions in a more better and mature manner. An emotionally sound person means a more mature, pragmatic, and productive individual. According to the National Institute Of Health, people who are emotionally well, have fewer negative emotions, and are able to bounce back from difficulties faster.

Staying positive and being calm in tough situations is a very important part of being emotionally healthy.

Managing stress through various means such as exercise or meditation too has a key role to play in developing the emotional health of a person. An example of it would be channeling the negative thoughts and emotions of a person into positive energy through physical activities.

Indulging in regular charity and being philanthropic is also a great means of achieving the same.

Spending time with your close friends and family too has shown great results in improving the emotional state of a person.

Expressing and not suppressing your emotions through various mediums such as speech, art, etc. also helps.

4. Social well-being brings Satisfaction
Learn The Art of Living with 5 easy steps!
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Social health can simply be defined as the ability to maintain interpersonal relationships in a satisfactory manner. A person with good social health will be having positive and meaningful relationships, and he/she to a degree will be unsusceptible to mental health issues such as depression and loneliness.

It should be noted that isolation is the biggest deterrent to social well being. Therefore taking steps towards meeting new people and socializing are some basic steps towards social well being.

Being approachable too is a good step since people are more likely to approach people who feel approachable than people who exhibit bitterness.

Nurturing relationships by helping people or just by appreciating people also helps in developing new and stronger bonds of friendships and love, which ultimately leads to a happier you.

Judging or blaming people is also considered to be a deterrent to social well being. It deters friendliness and may lead to a hostile or bitter relationship.

Finding like-minded folks and making them friends too helps in improved social well being. Such an activity will help a person develop a certain social circle which will lead to increased friends.

5. Spiritual well-ness adds Meaning and Purpose to Life
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Spiritual health can be referred to as that aspect of our well-being which organizes the values, relationships, and the meaning and purpose of life. Spiritual health can be considered as the foundation of one’s overall well being and it includes one’s values, beliefs, and purpose.

Looking for a higher call or a deeper meaning of life has shown to help a person spiritually.

Reading religious books and trying to connect to God by praying has also shown positive results spiritually and has led to the spiritual advancement of a soul.

Traveling to new places and exploring and interacting with the locals has also proved to be a healthy activity for the soul.

Practicing the Ancient Indian Yoga has also been referred to as a tool for a soul’s spiritual well-being.

You’ve Mastered the art of healthy living!

Therefore, if followed with sincerity will yield positive outcomes in terms of the overall health of a person. One should realize that being fit is not only a means to a healthier you but a means to a healthier society.

One should not forget that people get inspired by Healthy individuals and you can too become an inspiration. Also, a healthy lifestyle will make it more likely for you to experience career advancements and lead a happy relationship with your friends, family, and partner. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle and peaceful mind should be the topmost priority for every individual in the country!

“Taking responsibility – practicing 100 percent responsibility every day – is about seeing ourselves not as right or wrong, but as an agent, chooser, problem solver, and learner in the complex interrelationships of our lives so that we can better integrate with the people and world around us. When we do this, we enjoy a better and more productive way to live and lead.”

-Dalai Lama

Let’s start being accountable for our health!


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