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Oh, so you finally came to inquire about this heavenly drink (health benefits of green tea) which calls itself the “Healthiest Drink That Ever Was!”

health benefits of green tea
A Cup Of Green Tea

I can predict what’s going in your mind at this moment!

Hmm, there are many advantages or positive effects of green tea! I guess I am finally going to lose weight since it seems there are zero calories in green tea


Also, I have only read or heard about the positive effects of green tea so far! I don’t think there are side effects of green tea since I am yet to come across any.

Well, let me tell you everything ain’t that rosy for this drink. There is a significant grey area involved in the form of side effects of green tea which companies or newspapers don’t want to discuss in their advertisements or articles respectively.

We at Green Recipes, firmly believe in responsible writing whereby the literature should present both sides of the coin and where the reader should not be treated as a brainwashing prospect.

But before getting started, let me assure you that, although the side effects of green tea do exist, the beverage, fundamentally is a healthy one and a person should not be dissuaded into not trying it since the positive effects and the health benefits of green tea on human body greatly outweigh the opposite.

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Zero calories in green tea- Green Recipes- trygreenrecipes - Everything about green tea- benefits- side effects- recipe
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I know, you already believe that there are 0 calories in green tea! Afterall “zero calories in green tea” is one of the main highlights among the several advertisements and articles propagating the effects of green tea or the advantages of green tea!

FYI, according to The US Department Of Agriculture, there are 2.45 calories in green tea(1 cup ie. approx. 236 ml).

Also, it has been observed that people tend to add sugar, honey, or other syrups in their recipe for green tea which results in the number of calories in the beverage increasing manifold! Therefore, if you plan to cut down on weight or be more fit, it is advisable to avoid any such additives.




10 Things Green Tea May Do for Your Body | Everyday Health

1. Helps In Weight Loss –  With increasing prosperity, some nations are now becoming fatter instead of healthier! To counter this challenge, we ought to replace the unhealthy sugary stuff with healthy organic foods. As a green tea addict myself, I am convinced of its ability to help lose weight since I have experienced the same. According to research, the caffeine and catechin present in the beverage helps increase metabolism which in turn helps in weight loss. Also, don’t add any additives to your recipe for green tea since it may increase the number of calories in green tea.


2. Prevents Cancer – Cancer is one of the top healthcare issues nowadays. One of the advantages of green tea is the fact that the consumption of this beverage reduces the risk of different cancers namely lung, skin, breast, etc. According to a study, green tea has a potentially preventive effect against cancer among humans. This is primarily due to the polyphenols present in the beverage which contributes to the anti-cancerous activities.


3. Good For The Heart – Cardiovascular diseases are the top causes of death worldwide. According to research, the consumption of the beverage helps in the break down of plaques which restrict the blood flow in the blood vessels.


4. Prevents Arthritis –  Arthritis is a disease that is infamous for it’s no cure, therefore, it is advisable to prevent it! One of the many advantages of green tea is that polyphenols and other antioxidants present in the beverage helps reduce inflammation and cartilage destruction.


5. Prevents Aging – People in ’40s and ’50s are increasingly turning towards serums, botox, etc. to look young. Thus, buying green tea can be considered a good investment for such people since it has shown to rejuvenate the skin and also helped in flushing out the toxins.


6. Fights Diabetes – Diabetes is another such disease that can be controlled but can’t be cured. According to a study, people who consumed six or more cups of the beverage were less likely to develop type 2 diabetes when compared to people who drank less. Also, ECGC found in the beverage has shown to delay the onset of type 1 diabetes.


7. Enhances vision – People tend to face eyesight issues as they grow older. One of the many advantages of green tea is that the catechins found in the beverage, potentially help the delicate tissues of the eyes by getting absorbed in the tissues present in the eyes. According to a study, that was performed on rats, it was found out that green tea induced 20 hours of eye protection in the animal eye.

8. Protects Skin – Too much exposure to UV rays has shown to increase the risk of skin cancer. One of the many advantages of green tea is that the antioxidants present in green tea help in protection from UV rays and air pollution. Also, green tea possesses anti-inflammatory properties which help prevents redness and irritation.



Recipe For Green Tea
A Cup Of Freshly brewed Green Te

After reading all the above benefits, I am sure you are tempted to try this beverage out.

Don’t you worry, I have listed the recipe for green tea below. But let me warn you about the taste since it ain’t the best flavourful drink out there. In fact, it is bitter! Afterall healthy things are not supposed to be sweet!

Ingredients Required: 1 teaspoon green tea leaves or a Tetley green tea sachet, 1 cup water, Dabur Honey, Jaggery or any other natural sweeteners (not advised)

Steps :

  • Take a saucepan or a similar vessel and start heating water in it.
  • As the water starts to boil, turn off the gas
  • Put the green tea leaves in it and cover the vessel with a lid
  • Or if you have a green tea sachet, put the sachet in the cup and pour the hot water in the cup onto the sachet
  • Let the tea sachet or tea leaves brew in the water for 4 minutes
  • Strain the saucepan into a cup/Remove the sachet from the water
  • Add additives as required(optional)
  • Your green tea is ready!

You can enjoy your green tea with snacks such as Spicy corn, or some Italian Calzone, etc.




Side effects of green tea
Side Effects Of Green Tea


I am sure that, at this moment of time, you are convinced of the various health benefits of green tea. But let me tell you, just like any other thing on this planet, there is an upsetting aspect to this beverage too.

You got to realize, that excessive consumption of green tea, adding additives to your recipe for green tea, or consumption of green tea on an empty stomach won’t lead to extra health benefits of green tea! Therefore, it is highly advised that your green tea consumption should not exceed 5 cups a day.


Green Tea On An Empty Stomach
Green Tea On An Empty Stomach



Drinking green tea on an empty stomach should be avoided. This is because the beverage contains the polyphenol called tannins that increases stomach acid in the stomach which might result in all kinds of problems like restlessness, insomnia, and upset stomach.


According to research, a build-up of caffeine can cause problems in the liver.  This is because the beverage contains, polyphenols, which when consumed in large quantities can badly affect the liver. So, therefore it is highly advisable to not consume more than 5 cups a day.


It has been proven, excessive consumption of this beverage could lead to caffeine overdose, which could further lead to, central nervous system stimulation such as vertigo, insomnia, tremors, impatience, distraction, agitation, and psychomotor agitation.


Research has proved that tannins present in the beverage, tend to bind with non-heme iron, which could further lead to problems in iron absorption. Iron deficiency anemia can cause feelings of weakness, shortness of breath, irritability, headaches, and irregular heartbeat.


It has been observed that the excessive intake of this beverage, could lead to bone density illnesses such as osteoporosis. It has been found out that some compounds found in the beverage inhibit the absorption of calcium which results in deterioration in bone density.


The health benefits of green tea on the body are primarily positive. The most prominent among them is the fact that there are very few calories in green tea. Also, the recipe for green tea requires no change in ingredients and any addition of additives will only contribute to the intake of more calories. Also, the consumption of green tea on an empty stomach or excessive intake is unsafe and should not be practiced.

The side effects of green tea remind us of the fact, that no matter how perfect a thing, there is always a flaw to be found out!

Therefore, it would be safe for me to conclude that the advantages of green tea greatly overpower the disadvantages or side effects of green tea, and thus, it is imperative for every one of us, living in this age to have a cup of this beverage at least once daily.

Every 35 days, your skin replaces itself. Your liver, about a month. Your body makes these new cells from the food you eat. What you eat literally becomes you. You have a choice in what you are made of. Eat wisely. – Anonymous



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