13 Best Fruit Holder Ideas (in 2023)

Looking for the best fruit holder for your fruits? Like most people I’ve struggled with keeping fruits fresh. Most often I’ll end up throwing out half a bunch of bananas, apples and some yumberry.

Not that I don’t like eating healthy, but I often forget about them … until they don’t look so great and don’t taste that fresh.

About 5 months back I visited Sarah, my baby sister and was inspired to try a different approach. I dug around and found a good fruit bowl that ensures my fruits not only stay fresh but within reach.

Below you’ll find what I’m using at home plus if you prefer something different, I’ve included a few options that are equally good.

Fruit holders Ideas for Your Modern Kitchen

1. Try a Rectangle Fruit Wire Basket

When I came across the Sunny 2 tier fruit basket, I fell in love. Black, bold, and stylish. It features a rectangular design measuring 14 by 7 by 14.6 inches and does not take a lot of space on the kitchen counter.

The mesh design ensures there is airflow, ensuring fruits remain fresh. I like that the wood base is removable, making cleaning easy. Also, the top basket is removable.

2. Go for a Wooden Fruit Bowl

Looking for a farmhouse fruit bowl? This rustic fruit holder is not only eye-catching but functional. The double tier design ensures you have plenty of space for your fruits plus a round handle so you can carry it comfortably.

This farmhouse fruit basket distressed design makes it the perfect sidekick for a rustic kitchen. This large wood fruit holder is one of the best way to store fruit on your kitchen counter.

3. A 4 Tier Basket for Large Home

2 tiers not enough? How about you try this 4 tier fruit basket? Made of high quality steel, this metal fruit organizer is a sure head turner.

It features a metal frame with 4 willow baskets. The willow material is durable compared to other types of materials such as wicker. And, because of its durability and beauty, you can use it in a business place too.

4. 3 Tier Glass Bowl

Tastefully designed and constructed using glass, this 3 tiered fruit bowl adds a touch of elegance to any space. And, like the wood fruit basket above, it has a round handle for easy portability.

We also liked the intricate detailing that makes it standout. This delicate and beautiful glass fruit holder is perfect for special occasions. You can use it for fruits or appetizers.

5. Cute two-tiered fruit basket

Another gorgeous option is this two tiered fruit basket by Simple Houseware. Made of durable metal, this stand features two cool fruit bowls of different sizes.

The top bowl is strong enough to hold a bunch of bananas so that you can keep them separate from other fruits. Its intricate patterns add beauty to this countertop fruit basket.

6. 3-tier Wire Basket with a Touch of Elegance

This 3 tier fruit stand took my breath away. You’d think its circular base is the main highlight but it has alot to offer.

First the two side bowls are the same size and perfect for small fruits such as plums, grapes, jujube, and more. The top tier is larger and can hold a bunch of bananas. Easy to assemble, this stand needs little room on your countertop.

7. Gorgeous Bamboo Fruit Stand

Looking for something free of dyes and harmful chemicals? I highly recommend this Widousy bamboo two tier fruit holder for kitchen counter.

Made of high-quality bamboo wood, this stand is not only BPA free but a show stopper. And to ensure optimal airflow, it has wide slats on the side and bottom of the wood fruit bowls.

8. A Stand with Farmhouse Vibes

The Ilyapa unique fruit stand is the perfect addition to a rustic farmhouse kitchen. Constructed from galvanized steel, this beauty is the perfect way to serve fruit to your guests.

And, the metal material used is rust resistant, allowing you to use it in an outdoor setting. Also, a copper ring has been added on its exterior to add style to its look.

9. Perfect for Thanksgiving and Parties

Another fancy fruit bowl you should add to your short list is this 3 tier swiveling stand. Two features standout; one the thick metal frame that ensures it does not wobble and two, the large porcelain platters.

The elegant white platters are removable, freezer, dishwasher, and microwave safe. We also like that the frame is collapsible for easy storage.

10. Large Wire Fruit Baskets

Mikasa is one of the most popular brands. Their fruit wire baskets often steal the spotlight. And, this 3 tier fruit basket is no exception.

Featuring a unique large stand, you can place it in a corner in your kitchen. Each basket is 8.75 inches deep, giving you lots of space for your items. This large vegetable and fruit storage will help minimize clutter on your kitchen counter.

12. Black Detachable Fruit Holder

Beautiful and versatile. This Ycoco tabletop fruit holder adds glam to any minimalist or maximalist space.

The stand consists of three fruit hammocks perched upon a stylish steel frame. These fancy hanging fruits baskets are perfect for a modern kitchen.

13. Mesh Fruit Bowl

Keep your fruits within reach using the Iberg two tiered fruit basket. Apart from being price friendly, it is large enough to hold every fruit you’ll buy.

The baskets are coated with chip resistant and scratch resistant paint and are removable. This fruit bowl is one of the best fruit holders in 2023.

14. Woven Fruit Organizer

If you are on the hunt for a vertical fruit rack, this Abaca storage cubby comes highly recommended. Featuring a strong white frame, this fruit stand will add a touch of sophistication to your white kitchen.

The baskets are made of natural seagrass which is eye-catching and environment friendly. The baskets are large enough for most homes.

Why you need a fruit holder

  • There are numerous benefits of having a fruit holder at home. Here is my experience.

Prevents over ripening of fruits. The open side design prevents the build up of ethylene, gas produced naturally by fruits, that causes them to ripen faster. Since I got my stand, I’ve not thrown out any fruits

  • Keeps fruits within reach so you always remember to pick one when leaving in the morning or after dinner
  • Helps keep your space your space tidy
  • Adds a professional touch to your kitchen

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