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Every recipe holds a story dear to the creator/chef. The preparation of the dish and witnessing the satisfaction in the eyes of their loved ones, a beautiful memory. To be part of such adorable memories is an escape we all need sometimes. Also the cheesy compliments from the people who have your food and ask you for a recipe Hence, Green Recipes gives you a platform to share recipes and memories with the world!



Why one should Share Recipes with others?

Sharing Recipes is equal to sharing happiness and show sheer kindness by providing delicious and healthy food in society. When I share my recipes or when people ask me for my recipes I am filled with joy and there is a feeling of achievement that I filled a joyful moment in someone’s life by sharing my recipes. Seattlederman in his blog Why Share Recipes says that RECIPE = LOVE and I agree to what he says.


Step by Step guide to Submit a Recipe

Search for recipes all around the world by admirable home cooks on Green recipes. Give your spatula a whirl and create magic! Here are some features, tips & Step by Step Guide to follow for a good recipe submission:- 

First Login/Register on Green Recipes. Then Tap on the  share recipe button   sign.

Then Follow the Next Steps for the Sharing Recipe on Green Recipes.

Submit your recipe


1. Title:- 

  • Give your recipe a well-rounded title to attract the audience.
  • Make sure the title is to the point. For example:- “Simple mango cheesecake” instead of “Simple cheesecake made of mangos”
  • A short title goes a long way.


 2. Content:-

  •  Share your story or the cultural heritage of the dish through the content box. Give viewers the idea, perspective, and opinion behind the recipe.  
  • You can also share video links or add videos for a visual representation of the recipe. 
  • Write your thoughts on the recipe and the cuisine, do not refrain from giving us food-related puns! 
  • Add your Youtube Links by just copy-pasting on the Content Tab.

green recipes image

3. Featured Image:- 

      Show your stunning garnish on the final dish by adding an image of the final product on the featured image. 

  • Click on “Add image” under “Featured Image”.
  • Select a relevant picture for the recipe and make it your feature image!

4. Ingredients:- 

Add ingredients to your recipe under the “Ingredients” tab. A table has been curated for a simpler experience. 

Click on the add ingredient tab under the table to start. Here are the components of the table:- 



Type the ingredient in the box of the “ingredient” column or choose from the listed ingredients. 



Type in the measurement of the ingredient that has to be followed in the recipe. 

For example – Butter 2tbsp 


Add a specific way you want the ingredient to be cooked. For example – Brown the butter before adding the garlic 


If your dish contains two or more elements, for example –  Sizzler, you can use the separation option to separate the ingredients according to the elements. 

  1. Click on the separator option and add the name of the first element. For example –  Makhni Sauce 
  2. Then click on “Add ingredients” and add ingredients that are used to make the Makhni sauce i.e. Tomatoes, Butter, garlic, salt, and so on. 
  3. After completing the first element, click on the separator option to add the second element. For example –  Stir-fried vegetables. Follow the same procedure until all elements of the dish are completed. 
  4. You can check out the pesto pasta recipe, for a better understanding and a tasty treat!

recipe steps

5. Steps 

Under this tab, you will have to add the instructions that need to be followed to cook the dish.

  • In step description, describe the steps in detail for a better understanding of the viewer. 

       For example – Brown the butter and then saute the garlic and thyme. 

  • You can also add images with each step for a better understanding of the instruction. 
  • Keep on adding steps until the method of the magical dish is over. 

Recipe Cuisine features

6. Recipe: Cuisine and Features:-


Choose the cuisine that recipe is from i.e. Indian, Continental, German, and so on. 


To make the experience of sharing recipes and finding the same, there are different features for recipes. 

Choose a feature i.e. 5 ingredient meals, Jain, Under 30-minute meals, and so on. 

7. Serves and Difficulty:-

  • For Serves – Add the number of people the dish serves according to the recipe.

For example – 4 serves

  • For Difficulty – Add the level of difficulty ranging from easy, medium to difficult according to the time and effort it took you to prepare the dish.


8. Preparation Time, Cooking Time and Temperature:- 

  • Type in the amount of time it takes to prepare the ingredients for the recipe i.e. slicing and dicing of the vegetables, melting or freezing of certain ingredients, and so on. 
  • Add the cooking time of the recipe in the cooking time box given. 
  • The cooking temperature is only necessary if there are specific degrees you want the food to be cooked in. 

For example – Bake the cake at 180 degrees 

That’s Great just hit the SUBMIT RECIPE button and your Recipe will be sent for Approval.

How to Edit your Submitted Recipes

Once you have shared your Recipe you may like to Update your Recipe or Add new Variants or maybe change an image or two. You are free to do so. Changes will take time to show as we will re-approve your Recipe. But don’t worry in no time you will be all set.

On the navigation bar, select Your Account Name > Your Activity, then Recipes from your profile page.

Share recipes



Share Recipes with us and be a part of a loving and sharing community that is Green Recipes. Try Green Recipes for sharing and learning new recipes at your fingertips. Share recipes and read about trending content that we put on our  Green Recipes Blog page! 

From the vegan lifestyle to 4 skincare tips for healthy and glowing skin. 

You want to keep up with the growing trends of food and lifestyle? Green recipes are the way to go! 


For more queries contact: [email protected]




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