How to achieve Work-Life Balance in 7 simple steps




Giving time to everything is very difficult and we tend to prioritize one to another, losing ourselves in the process. Striking work to life balance is very important for a sustainable life but most need a helping hand in doing so. So let’s answer the age-old questions that most of us are struggling with, “What’s work-life balance?”  and “How to maintain a work-life balance?” today.


1. Learn how to say “NO”-

Say-no-work-life-balance-accept yourself to maintain work-life balance green recipe blogs dont worry

We sometimes have a hard time saying “no” or “not today” fearing that our position or our reputation might be at risk if we don’t accept the added work and hence we compromise on our happiness. 

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.

– Albert Schweitzer

Research conducted by Sonja Lyubomirsky from the University of California has proven that happiness is directly linked to the best output of work. Being happy has proven to increase focus, determination, positive energy, and altogether is the best state of mind to work in. 

In fact it’s not just you who is looking for this, even Joe Biden, demands Work-Life Balance from Staff in a Memo that went viral. Not just that, Canadian even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has brought this up numerous times publicly that there’s no need to make personal sacrifices at the workplace.

Hence let us assure you that saying “no” to preserve your happiness and well being is okay. 


2. Accept yourself-

accept yourself to maintain work-life balance green recipe blogs dont worry  

To know your weaknesses and strengths can be the best gift you give to yourself to maintain a work-life balance. It gives you a clear idea of when one can give the best output which helps in the long run.

We are generally pretty hard on ourselves and expect us to do things that are generally impossible or too much if we think about anybody else. 

Give yourself the extra time to understand the work or take some time off if you think it is getting too much. Accepting your weaknesses will only make you smarter and stronger, so give yourself the benefit of the doubt! 


3.Quality over Quantity-

work-life balance


Focus more on productivity than the hours you spend in the work. Working for a longer time with mediocre output is no good to a shorter time and higher output. That is where most of us lose our work-life balance. 

Work Smart not Hard by taking your time and understanding the work, take a break if necessary. Taking breaks helps you retrieve more information as your brain is more relaxed and ready to roll. 

Quality work is always valued and that should be the goal one should strive to achieve.

Take a look at the Four Burners theory to understand more.


4. Meditate-

work-life balance

“Who has the time to meditate when so much is going on?” “I came here to know how to have a work-life balance because I don’t have time!” 

The definition of meditation is “practicing mindfulness by focusing on a particular object, thought or activity to train attentiveness and awareness. A practice to have a clear mind and be calm.” 

We do get stuck in overwhelming situations or thoughts sometimes and the best way to get over the feeling of being overwhelmed or claustrophobic is to take a minute, think about what is important to you, focus on your breathing, and repeat this process until your mind understands what is important to do right now. 

The art of meditation works anywhere and anytime if we choose to do so. 


5. Manage yourself-

multiple tasks

Managing yourself is something so easy yet so tricky according to the situation or the mental state we are in and that is okay. Giving time to every part of your life is important for your well being. Work-life balance can only be achieved if you understand what you need.

Manage your activities according to your priorities, your priorities should be things that are from the most important to the least important. 

Good management is the process of controlling and planning which will lead to shorter time but higher output, lower stress, and faster success. Work-life balance is easier if we learn the art of managing yourself. Keeping in check your well being is very important before setting goals! 

 Time management is not universal for everyone because everyone’s state is unique but there are some general ways that most people use to manage time. To know more about time management click here!



6. To maintain work-life balance, let go of Toxic Positivity- 

work-life balance

Toxic positivity– overgeneralization of being happy, optimistic state against all situations. 

The expectation by your peers, boss, family, or loved ones to be constantly happy, energetic, positive, and enthusiastic about your work is unreal. 

You do not need to be positive about your outcomes, energetic to the job you love, be enthusiastic about working on new ideas or getting new ideas, or be constantly happy in the workplace if you do not want to. 

It is okay to feel sad, stressed, annoyed, angry, or dejected because they are still emotions, your emotions. Nobody gets to tell you how to feel in a situation except yourself. Getting crushed by the expectation of positivity is not what positivity means. 

Negative emotions are a part of being human, it makes you true to yourself and your emotions and nothing should come between that. Being Real helps, being true to yourself helps. If you do want to relieve stress or understanding the art of healthy living please click on the topics to know more!  


7. Speak up!

work-life balance


Speak up to unjust practices happening in the organization you are working or pursuing. Do not let anybody exploit their authority and get away with the work and harmful practices they conduct.

Speak up about the extra work put on your table, extended hours of work, little to no respect, or passed over for a promotion even though you deserved it. Speak up about the high expectations your friends and family keep for you that you cannot meet because it is too much!

Speak up and clear your mind with all the thoughts, anger, and resentment for the people who always pull you down. Let go of the toxic negativity in your life and find a place where they respect and deserve you.

Work-life balance cannot be maintained without a clear and real mindset.



Always know you are your priority in everything and do not let anybody tell you otherwise. Your well being, mindfulness, emotions, and respect should be the utmost priority. Value yourself and give yourself the encouragement or motivation that is needed.

Work-life balance can only be maintained if the importance of every aspect of one’s life is defined.

Even if your work-life balance is not maintained, that does not make you a weak person. Give your best and everything will work out. 🙂



work-life balance


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