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Recipe Approval Policy & FAQs

At Green Recipes we aim towards a sustainable living and building a healthy community. For a healthy community it is important to have guidelines and rules which is important to achieve the goal of sustainable living. 

What do you need?

Green Recipes wants you to have a user account to submit your recipe. The Recipe you submit will be reviewed by us and will be live on our channels once it gets approved. Sign In or Join Now

Thumb rules for Recipe Approval

We have a simple rule which user have to follow to get their recipe approved. If they do not meet the requirement they will be notified about it and they can edit the recipe and resubmit it

Thumb rule of Recipes:

  1. The recipe should be vegetarian and there should be no on-vegetarian terms or pictures of any kind.
  2. Your recipe must contain the following:
    • Ingredient and Ingredient Amount
    • Recipe Image(s)
    • Steps to make the Recipe
    • Number of Servings
    • Cooking Time
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Recipe Content Guidelines

  • Recipes will immediately be rejected if it contains any banned words or any non-vegetarian words or any graphic images/ text
  • Your Recipe title must be descriptive and specific
  • The images should be of good quality and a reasonable size. (Squared Images Preferred)
  • Appropriate grammar and spelling for Recipes
  • Each step must be specific with all ingredients used, and not refer to them as a group (“Add the ingredients for the paste”, should be “Add  oil, curry leaves, garnished paste, and garlic…”)
  • For steps which have specific time please write it for users to understand

Original Content Guidelines

  1. The images submitted/uploaded must be by the original chef/author/creator
  2. The recipes submitted to us must have original content or source provided to us. We reserve the whole right to remove any content. See Terms of Service

Recipe Writing Tips

  • Recipes and their steps must be easy to understand. You can be specific about all your directions, sizing, equipment used, techniques …
  • Keep steps short and concise
  • Test out your recipes before you upload it helps you get better ratings
  • Read our How to share Recipes on Green Recipes


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