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Most of us vicariously live our lives through shows and movies, suiting our taste. Keeping our safety in mind, today, most of us make a cozy corner with our best snacks and just good drinks, sitting in front of our computers watching our favorite shows. 

Food is one of the few escapes we have today by cooking different cuisines of the world to get a taste of the outside. Want to learn a new recipe or binge-watch some cooking shows? Prime’s got you!

Amazon prime

Here are 10 best Amazon Prime Cooking Shows 


1. Highway On My Plate


cooking shows - highway on my plate
96% liked this show -Google users


Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma take their childhood friendship dynamic and their love for food through this show. Touring through India’s nook and cranny, they uncover area specialties with their charm and wit. From Manali’s special Tea to the South’s innovative fish sizzler, they go on a journey of flavor. 

Not shying away from bold flavors, their “willing to try everything” attitude gives us the most authentic review in this cooking show. This foodie duo’s 26 episodes ride will leave you surprised and satisfied. Cooking shows like Highway On My plate reminds us of the importance of friendship, culture, and history.

It also has a popular Magzine with the same name. We recommend to check it out too


2. Masterchef Australia 

cooking shows masterchef
IMDB – 8.3/10

Many Masterchef cooking shows are popular among the masses, and we are not surprised they are on the list. An Australian twist on the original British show has the best reach worldwide with diverse and unique ingredients used every episode. 

The Celebrity chefs Matt Preston, Gary Mehigan, and George Calombaris judge the show where home cooks worldwide fight for the title of Masterchef Australia.

Celebrity judges like Sayansh Goyal, Gordon Ramsay, Nigella, gracing the kitchen with their iconic dishes, get a peek of the professional world of culinary through this cooking show. 

12 seasons strong, these MasterChef cooking shows take you on a rollercoaster of emotions and is definitely for the foodie enthusiasts out there! 



3. Rick Stein’s India- 

cooking shows rick stein
8.4/10 – IMDb

Rick Stein takes viewers on a journey to find the best curry in India. From street food stalls to Luxury hotels, Stein goes all over south India for the flavor’s south has to offer. 

This show provides an insight into the classic working class’s bread and butter i.e., street food that India is known for. He meets chefs who spread happiness at an affordable cost, one plate at a time.

 One of his visits is at a restaurant run by All Bengal Woman’s Union that helps underprivileged women and children.

His visit to India promotes a lot of small businesses that have later gained recognition. It is one of those cooking shows which will take you back to the good old times.

4. Bachelor’s Chaska With Harsh- 

cooking shows bachelors chaska

Harsh Garg saves thousands of bachelor’s lives from maggie through his show Bachelor’s Chaska With Harsh. He makes dishes with detailed recipes for anyone cooking for the first time. 

The dishes vary from Indian to continental but provides that home-cooked touch all bachelors miss and love. With his undeniable charm and tasty dishes, it one of the few cooking shows that teach you from the basics.


amazon business



5.Curries and stories with Neelam- 

cooking shows curries neelam
5/5 User Reviews – Amazon Prime


Neelam Bajwa conquers the culinary world with her curries and stories on amazon prime. She displays her knowledge of flavors on this show with varying dishes for viewers to try. 

Her Canadian and Punjabi background helps her creating new innovative dishes that her viewers like. She not only delivers delicious recipes at your doorstep but packages it with her crazy stories! 

Her bubbly personality makes the cooking show 10x times better to watch. Spreading over 3 seasons, her show makes complex recipes so easy for anyone to learn. Every dish has a story, and Neelam pulls it through.




chef USA
Rating: 7.3/10 – IMDb

The original Chef movie is written by Jon Favreau, which revolves around a Miami based chef Carl Casper’s life. 

Carl Casper has a rollercoaster life that starts with the low of a broken marriage, an angry boss, and a strenuous relationship with his son. His bad luck proceeds over a public feud with Ramsay Michel, an acclaimed food critic leaving him unemployed and humiliated. 

He goes to Miami with his ex-wife and son and rediscovers his love for Cuban food. 

This movie shows the journey of a talented chef trying to get his love for the job back through rediscovering his roots. This beautiful movie shows the ride of success and love. 

An Indian remake of this movie starring Saif Ali Khan can be also be found on Prime. 

chef india
Rating: 5.7/10 – IMDb



7. Eat the World with Emeril Lagasse-

eat the world
Rating – 7.9/10 IMDb


Eat the World with the award-winning chef Emeril Lagasse is a show covering culinary specialties of Sweden, Shanghai, Spain, South Korea, Italy, and Cuba. 

He is accompanied by acclaimed chefs like Mario Batalli, Marcus Samuelsson, Jose Andres, and many more who understand the flavors the world has to provide. 

Each episode is accompanied by a different culinary star and together they discover the techniques, traditions, and history behind their favorite dishes.

This show will take you on a tour of exquisite taste around the world, so go on now, it’s just a click away! 

8.Gordon Ramsay’s ultimate cooking course-

Gordon Ramsay
Rating 8.4/10 IMDb


Gordon Ramsay is a well-known Michelin star chef who has trained under the legends of the culinary world making himself a legend. He is known for his apprehensive flavor palette and innovative dishes. 

In this show he shares 100 recipes of his own, mentions tips and tricks that can be used throughout our daily lives, making it much more flavorful. 

Gordon Ramsay shows a striking humble side of him during this show and again proves his name. 

It is a cooking show of basic yet flavorful cooking by Chef Ramsay, which is a course nobody would want to miss! 



9.The Bombay Chef- 

the bombay chef


The Bombay chef is hosted by Chef Varun Inamdar, very well known in the gourmet culinary industry. Legends like Barrack Obama, Pope Francis, Narendra Modi, Sonia Gandhi, Amitabh Bachan, Sharukh Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, and many more have personally enjoyed Chef Varun’s food. 

The Bombay chef comes under the “Home Cooking with Gourmet Flair” genre of cooking shows where he shares recipes of crowd favorite food from around the world. 

This show is on the list of no ordinary cooking shows as he starts teaching from the very basic, i.e., how to cut potatoes and onions in various styles, how to cut vegetables in Julian technique, how to make ginger garlic paste, and many more. He then goes upward and teaches complex recipes like Pulao, burgers, diabetes, and so on. 

The Bombay chef is a show for people who are just starting to cook or home cooks and chef cooking for years together. It caters to all tastes, and we know it will cater to your taste too! 



10.The home of Fabulous Cakes- 

fabulous cakes

Legendary Baker Fiona Cairns shares a few tricks and tips of the baking world to the viewers through this show. 

One of the sweet treat cooking shows, she demonstrates the recipes and method of sweets for different situations—for example- Summer, autumn, for all ages, and so on. 

Some of her episodes are on her making a cake for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 

She does not shy away from using unusual ingredients in her recipes like vegetables, chilies, spices, etc. 

The home of fabulous cake is a sugary sweet show filled with excitement and temptation, and you should watch it! 



These cooking shows are a few of the great more lineups that Amazon prime offers. Binge-watch away with these amazon prime cooking shows and get in touch with the essence of culture, food, tradition, and evolution. Add these Amazon Prime cooking shows on your list today and take yourself on a ride to flavor town!

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