mushrooms in Michigan

15 Mushrooms in Michigan (Images & ID)

Mushrooms in Michigan are plentiful and varied, providing a wealth of culinary opportunities for anyone willing to explore the many species that grow in the state.  From morel mushrooms, which are prized for their savory flavor, to oyster mushrooms, whose delicate texture makes them ideal for soups and stews, Michigan has something for everyone. Below …

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mushrooms in louisiana

17 Common Mushrooms in Louisiana (ID)

One of the most interesting and unique aspects of Louisiana’s landscape is its wide variety of mushrooms. From edible fungi to inedible yet stunning species, these diverse organisms can be found in a variety of habitats. Common mushrooms in Louisiana include oyster mushrooms, chanterelles, stinkhorns, boletus, morels and puffballs.  Below we’ll discuss common fungi varieties …

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mushrooms in new hampshire

13 Common New Hampshire Mushrooms (Images)

New Hampshire is home to a rich and diverse array of fungi, with over 2000 species of mushrooms identified in the state.  These fungi range from edible gourmet delicacies to inedible look-alikes, and can be found growing in many different habitats. Whether you’re a foraging enthusiast or an amateur mycologist, New Hampshire’s mushrooms have something …

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