18 Fruits That Start with D (Images)

Looking for a complete list of fruits that start with d? In the article below we’ll explore over 20 popular fruits that begin with letter d.

We’ll list down their benefits plus different ways you can eat them. Also, at the end of the article we’ll include the complete list of the fruits plus their scientific names. Ready to learn more? Let’s get started.

List of Fruit with D

1. Dragon fruit

fruits that start with d

Dragon fruit is a delicately sweet, exotic fruit. It has a scaly skin with deep purple flesh. This fruit can range from six to ten inches in length and have between two to five pounds of flesh.

The dragon fruit is native to the southwest region of Asia, commonly found in Southeast Asia. Once considered rare outside of their natural habitats, this fruit has seen an enormous increase in consumption over the last few years because of its exotic nature.

2. Damson fruit

fruit that start with d

The Damson fruit is a type of plum. Damsons are often dried and used as flavoring for cooking. There are many benefits to eating this fruit.

One benefit that may be overlooked is that it can help with eye health. If you’re looking for ways to improve your diet, consider adding Damson fruit!

3. Desert lime

fruit with d
Source: nudebynaturefr

The Desert lime is a citrus fruit native to Australia. The fruit gets its name from it’s coloration, which is often pale green to light yellow, with some exceptions. The desert lime fruit tastes like the traditional lime, citrusy, and can be used to make pies or margaritas.

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4. Duku fruit

fruits that begin with d

Duku fruit is a tasty tropical fruit, which comes from the duku tree of Southeast Asia. These fruits that start with d are important to people of different cultures. The duku fruit contains vitamins A, C, and E. They are available year round.

5. Date palm fruit

d vegetables

The date palm tree is a long-living evergreen tree that can grow to over 40 feet high and 12 feet wide. It has an elegant crown of leaves at the top, and branches of various sizes and shapes on its trunk.

The tree produces a unique type of fruit called date, which is an essential part of many cultures. The fruit starts with the letter d.

6. Desert king fig

fruits or vegetable that start with d
Source: walkwithmemanzanita

The Desert King fig is a small, dark purple fruit that can be grown in many different climates. It produces a tropical scent and has a sweet flavor.

The tree will have a single main trunk and branches extending up from it to support leaves and fruit. Spotting a green skin, the fruit with letter d has a dark red pulp with few seeds.

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7. Double coconut fruit

double coconut fruit
Source: k.yyaammaa

Double coconut fruit is a type of fruit that starts with the letter ā€œdā€. With its tree growing up to 30m tall, the double coconut or love coconut is native to seychelles.

A single, unripe double coconut fruit can weigh up to 6 pounds, but their weight varies depending on how ripe they are. Double coconuts are fairly crunchy and have been used as a snack food for many years now.

8. Dead man’s fingers fruit

d name fruit
Source: b.r_horticulture

Dead Man’s Fingers! Yikes! Thisis a rare fruit that has unusual properties. The fruit is often found in the Eastern Asia. Dead Man’s Fingers can grow up to 4.7 inches long. Its color varies depending on its environment, with a shades of black being most common.

9. Date plums

fruit with letter d

Date plums are a variety of fruit that belong to the plum family with a few notable differences. They’re small and round, usually smaller than most plums, and they’re yellow when ripe. The most popular time to consume date plums is in spring when they become soft and juicy.

10. Dabai fruit

Source: Sulleycool8614

Dabai fruit is an indigenous fruit found in tropical regions of Borneo. It features an oval shape and has an olive-like flavor. Locals use the Dabai when preparing rice and they can also be consumed raw with some salt. The dabai is highly perishable.

11. Dekopon fruit

Source: Sue_shi_sam

Dekopon is a rare fruit that grows in Japan. They are in season between December and February. They yellow skin is similar to that of the traditional orange. This popular fruit can be eaten raw or used to make juices.

12. Desert quandong

desert fruit
Source: chefteachercatclarke

Desert quandong is a small, low-growing tree that is found in Western Australia. Quandongs are related to the peaches and apricots, and resemble them in their soft flesh.

The quandong fruit can be eaten raw or cooked into jams, preserves, and chutneys. It has been brought back from near extinction thanks to a group of dedicated people who have been planting trees on their properties.

13. Davidson’s plum

Davidson's plum

Davidson’s plums are small, dark purple fruits that can be eaten raw or cooked. They are available in the summer months and provide needed nutrients to the body. The flowers of Davidson’s plums smell like lilacs during the spring, which is when they bloom.

14. Durian


Durian is a popular fruit all over Southeast Asia. It has an unappealing smell and taste, but many love it nonetheless.

The texture of durian is thin, like custard or pudding. Though it has a terrible smell, the durian can be consumed when slightly unripe and when ripe can be used on dishes like curries.

15. Dewberry


Dewberry is a small fruit that is somewhat similar to the blackberry. It grows wild in many regions of North America, especially where blackberries have been cultivated.

The taste is typically much less tart than a blackberry and much sweeter, with a texture that is softer and more succulent. Dewberries generally ripen much earlier than blackberries, making them a great choice for late summer harvesting or fall planting.

16. Dracontomelon

Source: kalosfund

Found in the Pacific islands, the dracontomelons are another group of fruits that start with d. This fruit has a sour taste and because of its unique flavor it is used as a souring agent when cooking duck or other Viatenemese foods. Also, they use it to make a popular summer drink.

17. Drupe

drupe fruits

Drupes are fruits that start with the letter D and they range in size from small to large. There are many different types of drupes- apricot, avocado, cherry, date, nectarine, peach- that grow on the ground or on the tree. Drupe is a word originating from the Latin word for “drupa” meaning “hard shelled fruit.

18. Daikon fruit

daikon fruit

Daikon fruit is a type of vegetable often exchanged for a carrot in many culture’s recipes, despite having a much more different look and taste.

Unlike the typical orange-red carrots, daikons are white or light green in color and have a much skinnier shape. The daikon fruit is a popular winter vegetable that can be found at any grocer during the holiday season.

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