27 Fruits That Start with J with Images

There are many different types of fruit that starts with j and most of them are in season in the summertime. The most popular fruit that starts with the letter j is the absolutely delicious java plum.

In the article belew we’ll explore a variety of fruits beginning with j plus their benefits and more.

Fruits that start with j

1. Jujube fruit

fruit with j

The jujube is a small, round fruit that comes from a tree that can grow up to 25 feet tall. Jujubes are harvested in the fall and they have a thick exterior rind that must be peeled before eating.

The soft, juicy flesh of this fruit has been enjoyed by people all over the world for centuries. The jujube fruit was even popular during the Ming dynasty era of China.

2. Jackfruit

fruits and vegetables that start with letter j

Jack fruit is a type of tree-borne fruit that grows in many parts of the world. It can be eaten raw, but it is often cooked or processed before consumption. Everywhere it is grown, the jack fruit has different names depending on the local language. In North America, it’s called a “jaca.”

The green variety is ripe when it has turned brownish-green in color with wrinkles on the skin surface. Ripe jack fruits are also heavier than unripe ones.

3. Jatoba fruit

j fruit names
Source: fotosdorei

Jatoba, also known as stinking toe fruit (Yikes!!), has a rich taste and a delicious texture. It is a fruit that may be unfamiliar to you but is worth trying for all the wonderful qualities it offers.

The fruit is oval shaped with a hard shell that measures up to 10 inches in length. This edible fruit has two common colors; brown or black. Learn more about the jatoba fruit

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4. Juniper berry fruit

fruits that start with j english name

The juniper berry is a fruit that grows on junipers. The fresh fruit is light purple, oval shaped. It has an aromatic, sour taste that intensifies the more the fruit ripens.

The juniper berries are harvested when they’re in their green stage and then allowed to dry out in the sun for a few days before being squeezed to release their juice.

5. Japanese persimmon fruit

fruit start with j

Japanese persimmon fruit is a type of fruit that starts with j. This fruit that start with j have a soft skin and yellow flesh. The Japanese persimmon has a rich and sweet flavor.

6. Jambul fruit

fruits with letter j

The jambul fruit is also known as the black plum. It is a dark purple to black fruit that grows in clusters. The skin is thin and the flesh is juicy and tart. The jambul fruit is a good source of vitamin C and many health benefits.

7. Jocote fruit

fruits starting with j
Source: jlardonvi

The jocote fruit is a sweet fruit that is common in Mexican dishes. It is believed to have many health benefits, including being a good source of Vitamin C and antioxidants. Jocote fruit can be eaten fresh or used in jams, jellies, and smoothies.

8. Jazz apples

fruits that start with the letter j
Source: jazzapples.com

There are many different types of apples, but some of the most unique ones are the jazz apples. As the name suggests, they have a sweet and tangy flavor that I and most people love.

They are a cross between the Braeburn apples and Royal gala, and have a hard, smooth skin that is resistant to bruising. Jazz apples are also one of the most nutritious types of apples, providing fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants.

9. Jamaican tangelo

fruit that begins with j
Source: buddhist_gherkin

Jamaican tangelos are another types of fruits starting with j. These fruits that begin with letter j are a smaller variety of the popular grapefruit and are an excellent source of vitamin C.

Although they are not as well known in the United States, this small fruit is native to Jamaica where it was historically used for skin care and medicinal purposes.

As is the case with most tropical fruits, jamaican tangelos are rich in antioxidants that help reduce inflammation and strengthen immunity.

10. Japanese plum

fruits j

Another type of fruits that start with j are the Japanese plums. It is especially popular in Japan, where it’s used to make the traditional drink umeboshi.

These plums are often pink or red and light brown when dried.

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11. Jambolan fruit

Jambolan fruit

Jambolan fruit or jabong or java plum is a large citrus fruits that belongs to the grapefruit family.

It has a green rind that can be used to make preservertives while the flesh can be squeezed to make juices and other delicious recipes.

12. Japanese fiber banana

Japanese fiber banana

The Japanese Fiber Banana is a rare fruit that starts with J. It is closely related to the regular banana. This fruit can be found in most grocery stores fresh, frozen, dried, or canned.

Each part of the plant contains some edible value- leaves can be eaten raw or cooked, flowers are used for decoration or to flavor food, and the young shoots are often boiled for about 15 minutes before being added to salads.

13. Jaam fruit

jaam fruit
Source: hungryhogger_15

Jaam fruit is a type of fruit that is not very common in the United States. This fruit can be eaten raw or it can be boiled or fried. The jaam fruit has a soft, juicy texture.

14. Jamaican cherry

Jamaican cherry
Source: kalai_kitchen

The Jamaican cherry is a small, round fruit that begins with j. It’s the same size with the brazilian cherry.

Grown in tropical regions, the Jamaica cherry grows in bunches. It is often used to make jams, preserves, and pies due to its high taste.

15. Jambu fruit

jambu fruit
Source: cc_chwa

The Jambu fruit is a rose shaped fruit that comes in red; ranges from dark red to pink.

Mostly found in Asian countries, this j fruit is mostly used in making salads and packs a lot of nutrients. It is also known as the jamun fruit.

16. Japanese Medlar

japanese plum

Looking for an exotic fruit that begins with j? Try the Japanese medlar. It is a round yellow fruit with a thin skin on it. The inside of the fruit is yellow and has one or two brown seeds in it.

Japanese medlars were originally introduced to the United States as an ornamental plant, but they have been grown for food production within the past century.

17. Japanese quince

fruit starting j

Quince is a type of fruit that is common in Japan. They are a hard, fragrant fruit that has a high sugar content.

18. Jagua fruit

jagua fruit
Source: compendio_dominicano

Jagua fruit is a type of fruit that is found in Central and South America. It has a juicy flesh with seeds on the inside.

Jagua fruit does not have a smell to it, but the taste is similar to that of a ripe quince. Jagua fruit can be eaten raw or used in making liquor.

19. Junglesop

Source: zetashihq

Junglesop is a fruit that is rarely used in the US because of its sour, tangy flavor.

For those who enjoy the sour taste of lemons and limes, junglesop is a fruit worth trying.

If you travel to Africa, make sure to sample this exotic fruit. Its scientific name is Anonidium mannii.

20. Jostaberry fruit


Eating a jostaberry can be an extremely interesting experience, as its taste is quite different than any other berry. The jostaberry tree, which produces the fruit, is native to North America.

The Josta berry gets its unique flavor from a slight acidic tartness that is amplified by the taste of honey. Most people say it has a unique taste like the black currant.

21. June berries

June berries

June berries are a type of berry that starts with the letter J and have a sweet taste. Juneberries are mostly found in North America and have a round shape that is usually about 1/2 inch in diameter.

They are most often used for preserves, sauces, and syrups because they contain a lot of pectin which helps turn sugar into jelly.

22. Jelly palm fruit

jelly palm fruit
Source: maevensmagickallife

Jelly Palm fruit is the type of fruit that starts with the letter J. It grows in a number of countries including Brazil and is a common ingredient in many salads and dishes.

The pulp from the fruit can also be used to make jelly, which can then be eaten on toast or as a sweet spread for breads.

23. Jaffa orange

fruits beginning with j

Jaffa oranges are among the most popular fruits in the world. They are usually orange with a slight roughening on the skin and a deep seed (or “pips”).

They originated in Jaffa, Israel and were first grown by the Arabs who settled there. Jaffa oranges are very sweet and juicy.

24. Jaboticaba fruit

fruit names

The Jaboticaba fruit is an exotic Brazilian berry with a deep purple exterior that’s hard to miss. There are many varieties of Jaboticaba fruit, but the most commonly found is the purple variety.

The fruit can be eaten on its own, but it typically is used in recipes. When using the fruit in your favorite desserts, make sure to peel it first. But don’t toss out all those leaves!

25. Jam melon

jam melon
Source: neighbourhoodwine

In season from May to September, the jam melon is a sweet, juicy fruit with a thick skin and sweet seeds. It ranges in size from 4-12 pounds and can be easily stored in a fridge for up to 3 weeks or canned for later use.

The edible flesh of this fruit has a flavor similar to that of honeydew and strawberry while the seeds can be roasted.

26. June plum

j fruits

The June plum is a fruit that tastes sweet and juicy. This plum is a member of the spondias family, with many members including hog plums and spanish plums. There are two types of June plums: wild and cultivated.

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