36 Fruits That Start with M

Fruits are a healthy choice for snacks because they are rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. They also have an appealing flavor that makes them enjoyable to eat.

Now, fruits start with different letters. In a recent article we explored fruits that start with s and for this article we’ll look at a list of fruit with m, their benefits and at the end, check out the scientific name of each fruit. Let’s get started.

List of Fruit with M

1. Miracle fruit

fruit that starts with m
Source: bali_tabulampot

The miracle fruit is a type of red berry that has many benefits.. The berry has taste-changing properties and have been used by many as a palate cleanser.

Miracle fruit contains an acidic glycoprotein molecule called miraculin which binds to taste buds and alters ones sense of sourness. When this happens, other acidic foods such as lemon, lime, and vinegar will taste sweet instead.

2. Macadamia fruit

Fruit with m

Macadamia nuts are one of the few plants on earth that grows on deciduous trees. The macadamia fruit, also known as macadamia nut, is a rich and flavorful treat that is native to Australia.

Macadamia nuts are not only valued for their delicious taste, but also for their nutritional benefits. The macadamia nut has been proven to lower the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood and reduce arthritic pain.

3. Melon pear fruit

m fruit

Another tasty m fruit is the melon pear fruit. Widely known as the pepino melon, this fruit grows on a shrub that grows up to 3ft tall.

The melon pear fruit is packed with proteins and carbohydrates and tastes like a cantaloupe. The fruits grow in different sizes and shapes and can reach up to 6 inches long.

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4. Mountain pepper fruit

fruit starting with m
Source: adventures_at_alliander

Grown mostly in Tasmania, the mountain pepper fruit is a trouble-free plant that does well in mild climates. The mountain peeper plant grows up to 13ft. This fruit has a peppery taste and can be used as a pepper substitute.

5. Mock strawberry fruit

fruits starting with m

Also knows as the false strawberry or indian strawberry, the mock strawberry is native to Southeast Asia. The fruit has a bright red color, like the traditional strawberry, but no taste. Its tree fruits in September. Also, be forwarned, the plant can be invasive so be careful when growing it in your garden.

6. Mango fruit

fruit starts with m

Mangos are one of the most popular tropical fruits next to the passion fruit. These type of stone fruits in clusters on trees and can measure up to 12 inches long and 9 inches wide with a weight of about 1 pound.

There is a variety of different shapes, colors, and sizes to choose from. Mangos are also good sources of vitamins A and C. The most popular type of mango is called a Kent or Manila mango because it is sweeter than other varieties.

7. Meyer lemon

Meyer lemon is a fruit with a thin, bright green peel and very juicy pulp. The Meyer lemon is not as acidic as other citrus fruits and has a flavor that is floral and sweet.

It can be found at supermarkets and grocery stores in the produce section year round, but its peak season is typically December through March.

8. Mountain soursop fruit

fruit m

Mountain soursop fruit is a tropical fruit that grows in moist climates. It is a fruit, with a white flesh and a sour taste.

The seeds of the mountain soursop fruit are often used to make tea. This particular fruit is said to have various health benefits such as treating asthma or serving as an anti-inflammatory.

9. Mammee apple fruit

m fruits names
Source: fit.with.berit

Found mostly in the Carribean, the Mammee fruit tree is an edible fruit that thrives in rich, well-drained soils. This fruit beginning with m has an oval-round appearance with a hard rind. It’s yellow flesh can be crispy or tender and has a pleasant smell.

10. Mayan nut mayapple fruit

random fruit names
Source: thecornerbeet

The Mayan nut mayapple fruit is a small, round fruit that is typically about 3 inches in diameter. The skin is dark green and brown when dried.

The nut can be eaten raw, cooked in stews or dried and roasted. When roasted they have a chocolaty taste.

11. Manila tamarind fruit

fruit with m
Source: dream.catcher

The Manila tamarind fruit is a delightful fruit that starts with m. Also known as the Madras thorn, this edible fruit grows mostly in the Phillipines. The fruit grows in pods and can be used for meat dishes.

12. Mamey sapote fruit

mamey sapote fruit

The fruit known as the mamey sapote is known for its dense, custardy flesh with a flavor that ranges from sweet to tart. The plant can grow up to 30 feet tall and produces fruit year round. It is thought to be native to southern Mexico or northern Central America.

13. Maypop fruit

Maypop fruit

Maypop is a tropical fruit that grows in the southern United States, primarily Florida.

Maypop, also known as purple passionflower, looks like the traditional passion fruit. It can be used to make jams, jellies, and deserts.

14. Mangosteen fruit

Mangosteen fruit

Featuring a beautiful dark violet skin, the mangosteen fruit is another yummy fruit that starts with letter m.

Mangosteen fruit is a tropical fruit that is grown in Southeast Asia and is typically found in Vietnamese cuisine.

This small fruit includes eight segments of juicy, white flesh with a sweet-tart flavor. It has been called “purple mangosteen”.

15. Midyim fruit

midym m fruit

Native to Australia, the miydim fruit is a white round dotted berry that is eaten by mostly native Australians. The edible fruits are in season during autumn.

16. Monstera deliciosa fruit

fruits and veggies that start with m
Source: yourgreatfinds

There are many different species of Monstera deliciosa, but the most common one found in the garden is the “Philodendron”. The leaves are large, heart shaped, and can grow to be 10 inches long.

They are usually green or dark green in color with cream-colored veins. The flowers are white with purple stripes and grow off a stalk.

The fruits are yellow when ripe, filled with seeds, and taste like banana mixed with pineapple.

17. Muscadine fruit

Muscadine fruit is the name given to a variety of grapefruit found in the southern United States. Muscadines are typically very large, though they can come in smaller sizes.

They can be yellow, green or purple depending on the type of grape that it grows on.

Muscadines are more tart than grapes, but have a more sweet flavor than oranges. The seeds are also edible and provide an excellent source of protein.

18. Maprang fruit

Growing up to 1.9 inches long, the maprang fruit is edemic to Southeast Asia.

When mature, the Maprang mangoes are used in curries, salads, and is a great subsitute to tamarind.

19. Mandarin melon berry fruit

Mandarin melon berry fruit

Also known as che, the mandarin melon berry like fruit tree can thrive in places where mulberry grow. The red berries are great for making jams and jellies.

20. Mora de castilla fruit

Mora de castilla fruit

The mora fruit is a berry like fruit that is also an m fruit.

As it grows and ripes it changes color from green to bright red to dark red. Mora de Castilla is used to make jam, smoothies, juices, and pies.

21. Marionberry fruit

Marionberry fruit

The Marionberry fruit has many benefits. The flavor is tangy, sweet.

Marionberries are in season in the fall and are only in season in November. Marionberries are an excellent source of antioxidants.

22. Marang fruit

Marang fruit

Grown in hardiness zones 10 – 12, the marang fruit is a large fruit with white flesh. It’s a relative of the bread fruit. its seeds are edible.

23. Mamoncillo fruit

Mamoncillo fruit
Source: ilovefruit_

Mamoncillo fruit is produced by the evergreen mamoncillo plant. These plants grow to be up to 12 feet high and can produce up to 5,000 fruits per year.

The fruit ranges in size and can be eaten fresh or used to make jellies, beverages, and deserts.

24. Madrono fruit

madrono fruit

Indeginious to western Europe, the Madrono is a yummy fruit that starts with m. The fruit grows on an evergreen brush.

You can cook it into a jam, eat it fresh, or brew it into homemade alcohol.

25. Manoao fruit

Manoao fruit

Widely found in Newzeland, the Manoao tree resembels a young kahikatea. Its fruit is also known as the maori or silver pine.

The fruit has a long shelf life. Its wood is used to make rustic and sturdy furniture.

26. Mangaba fruit

Mangaba fruit

Native to Brazil, the mangaba comes from the mangabeira fruit. The tree can reach up to 10 meters. This fruit features a beautiful yellow skin when ripe and has a very aromatic smell.

Its flesh is soft and can be eaten fresh. It’s also great for making ice cream, jam and juice. its leaves can be used to make a tea.

27. Marula fruit

Marula fruit
Source: Comptoir_malakit

The Marula tree is a fruit-bearing tree in the Sclerocarya family, indigenous to South Africa. It grows throughout all of southern Africa and produces a sweet-tasting fruit with high nutritional content.

The marula tree has been around for centuries and is well known in African cultures. The marula fruit can be eaten raw or used in ice cream. It’s pulp can also be used to make marula beer.

28. Maqui fruit

Maqui fruit

The maqui fruit is a type of berry that grows on the maqui tree.

With its dark purple hue, it stands out against the green foliage.

The fruit has three stages of development, which are green, red and black. It is known to be high in antioxidants and Vitamin C.

29. Melinjo fruit

Melinjo fruit
Source: wakacjwindonezji

The Melinjo fruit is a type of fruit that grows in the tropics.

The fruit is popular because it has a very sweet and tangy taste, which can have a lot of different uses in cooking.

30. Mandarin orange

Mandarin orange

There are many different varieties of oranges. Mandarin oranges are one of the most popular types of citrus fruit.

They are juicy with a sweet, tangy taste that is often used in marmalade or orange juice.

Mandarin oranges are also easy to peel and segment, unlike other types of oranges which can be difficult to peel without cutting into the flesh of the fruit.

31. Morinda fruit

Morinda fruit

Native to tropical climates, morinda fruits are another bunch of fruits that start with m. The tree takes about 18 months to mature and produces fruits that weigh about 17.6 lb.

An unripe fruit can be dried to a powder for various uses while a ripe fruit can be used to make a variety of juices.

32. Malay apple fruit

Malay apple fruit

Malay apple fruit is a small, rose-shaped fruit that comes in red color.

When ripe the fruit has a texture similar to the pear and can be consumed raw. This fruit can also be used to make wine at home.

33. Marionberry fruit

Marionberry fruit

This berry is a reddish-purple, depending on the type and age of the fruit. Marionberries are relatively small. The skin can be smooth and shinny.

The flavor varies from tart to sweet depending on the maturity of the fruit. Some people also detect a hint of pineapple flavor.

34. Mulberry fruit

Mulberry fruit

Mulberries are a type of berry that are often found wild in many areas of the US. Mulberry trees are most commonly found near the United States’ eastern coast, but they can grow almost anywhere.

They typically produce mulberries from April to May, and they grow on tall drooping branches with glossy dark green leaves. These violet colored berries can be consumed raw or blendend into juice .

35. Mandarin fruit

Mandarin fruit

The mandarine fruit is a refreshing orange-colored fruit that originated in China. The mandarin is an excellent source of vitamin C, potassium, and antioxidants – nutrients that are essential for healthy living.

These small, oval fruits vary in size and thickness, but the most common varieties are usually between 3 ½”-4 ½” long. They can either be seedless or have seeds which are encased in sweet flesh.

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