9 Fruits That Start with U (2024)

Looking to fill a fruits crossword puzzle? There are over 10 types of fruit that start with u. From the popular ugli fruit to the less known ugni fruit, there is plenty to learn.

Also, we’ll explore some of the benefits of fruits beginning with u. Let’s start fruiting.

List of fruits that start with u

1. Ugli fruit

fruits that start with u
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Ugli fruit is a citrus hybrid that is closely related to the grapefruit. The fruit has a green yellow skin and yellow flesh with a tart, tangy taste and an acidic, almost sour flavor.

If you’re not familiar with ugli fruit, it can be found at any grocery store near oranges, grapefruits, clementines, and tangerines. Ugli fruit is also known as the Jamaican tangelo or uniq fruit.

2. Umbu fruit

fruit that starts with u
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Umbu is a fruit that is native to Brazil and other Central and South American countries. Umbu fruit is round, green in color, and has a thick peel.

The fruit starts with u and it’s also known as “Brazilian plum.” You can eat umbu fruit as a jam, pie, jellies, chutneys, and juices.

3. Ugni Berry fruit

fruits with u
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Sharing a similar color with the peanut butter fruit, the ugni fruit is commonly found in tropical regions.

The shrub can grow up to 5.5 feet. Also known as strawbery myrtle, there are various ways you can enjoy ugni berries. You can use it to make jams and jellies.

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4. Urava fruit

fruits beginning with u
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Commonly found in Asia and Africa, the Urava fruit is another u fruit. This citrus fruit grows in mangrooves. Also known as the mangroove apple, this fruit grows on a mid-sized tree.

It has a beautiful white and yellow flower that produces green fruits.

In India, the urava fruit is cooked and in other countries its used to make smoothies.

5. Ububese fruit

Ububese fruit is a type of fruit that starts with the letter u.Ububese fruit is an exotic fruit that few people have heard of.

Found is some African countries, this fruit has a sweet taste and can be eaten fresh or cooked. Its also known as the dwarf custard apple.

6. Usuma fruit or Peanut butter fruit

fruits with u
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Usuma fruit is a type of fruit that starts with u. Widely known as the peanut butter fruit, the Usuma is a green fruit that turns red orange when ripe.

The fruit has a sweet peanut butter flavor and can be eaten raw or made into jams. Usuma fruit is commonly found is South America.

7. Umeboshi fruit

u fruits

Common in Japan, the Umeboshi is a fruit with a tart, salty flavor and dense texture. The fruit is most commonly served as part of a traditional home-made pickled sushi dish called “umeboshi sushi”.

The pickling process neutralizes the umeboshi’s naturally sour taste and gives it a long shelf life. It can also be eaten as a snack between meals or as an ingredient in soup broth or rice porridge.

8. Umbrella fruit

fruits beginning with letter u

The umbrella fruit, also known as the june plum, can be found in some parts of the world and is one of the most popular fruits in Central America.

The umbrella fruit has up to five seeds that are surrounded by a yellow flesh. It has an oblong shape that resembles an egg. From its leaves to the fruit, the umbrella has lots of uses including making salad.

9. Umari fruit

letter u fruits

The Umari fruit is one of the rare fruits that start with u. The Umari fruit starts out green (unripe) and has a reddish-purple color when ripe.

This Amazonian fruit has a sweet, cherry-like taste. It is quite popular with the locals.

Vegetables that start with u

  • Urad beans
  • Upland cress
  • Ube
  • Umbrella squash
  • Ulluco

Final thoughts

Compared to fruits that start with s, there are fewer fruits beginning with u.

Most of these fruits grow naturally where others are natural hybrid of two or three types of fruits. For example, the ugli fruit is a cross grapefruit and oranges.

These fruits that start with u contain vitamin c and are sweet.

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