18 Fruits that Start with Y (2024)

There are many fruits that start with y. Some of these include the yellow passion fruit, yellow apples, and yuzu fruit. These fruits are packed with lots of nutrients. For example, yellow apples are a good source of dietary fiber, Vitamin C, and antioxidants.

In this list we’ll look at different types of fruits with y in their names plus their benefits. My favorite y fruits are the yellow melons.

List of fruits that start with letter Y

1. Yellow passion fruit

Yellow passion fruit

The yellow passion fruit is an exotic, sweet, and tangy fruit that begins with the letter y. Passion fruits are typically harvested when they are in season, but can be found year-round in North America.

When picking a passion fruit, it is important to only pick the ripe ones by pulling them off of the vine. If you see any green or white spots on your fruit, there is a chance that it will go bad. In the US, the yellow passion fruit grows in zones 10 – 12.

2. Yunnan hackberry fruit

Yunnan hackberry fruits vary in size and shape, but they’re typically small and have a yellowish-green skin. They have a sour flavor to them, similar to traditional lemon or lime fruit, though it can also be described as being tangy.

One of the most beneficial parts about these types of fruits is that they contain high amounts of vitamin C.

3. Yellow guava

Yellow guava

Another fruit that starts with y is the yellow guava. This Y fruit is easy to spot because it’s got a bright yellow/gold skin.

The inside of the fruit is white or pink and it has a tender, juicy flesh that tastes like sweet lemonade.

4. Yuzu citrus fruits

Yuzu citrus fruits

Yuzu fruit is a type of citrus fruits that originated in China and Japan. This hybrid citrus fruit can be eaten fresh, but some prefer to use yuzu as an ingredient in recipes such as sauces and marinating.

Yuzu is considered a “new exotic” among fruits because it is not as well known as other popular types, such as the orange. It has a sour taste and also has a hint of sweetness to it. This yellow green citrus fruit makes a fresh-tasting garnish for sushi and sashimi dishes.

5. Yam bean

The yam bean is a small, round, brown to white legume. It looks like a sweet potato. The yam bean is a vegetable that start with y. It’s rich in vitamin C and is a common ingredient in Mexican cuisine.

6. Yangmei fruits

Yangmei fruit is a small red berry that is also known as the Chinesse bayberry. Mostly grown in rural China, this fruit that begins with y has numerous uses.

It is high in antioxidants and can be eaten fresh or used to prepare alcoholic beverages and yogurts.

7. Young mango

Young mango

When people think of fruits that start with y, they often think of the yellow passion fruit, but there are plenty more to try. One of these is the young mango.

Mangoes come in a variety of colors, including orange, yellow, red, green and purple. Mangoes have a sweet taste, with flavors ranging from citrus-like to tropical or fruit punch-like.

8. Yali pears

Yali pears (pronounced YAH-lee) are a lesser known and seldom grown pear variety that can be found in the western United States.

These pears are small and green with red streaks, and their flesh is crisp and juicy. They should not be eaten until they have ripened to a yellowish color.

9. York imperial apple

York Imperial apples are known for their distinctive, sweet flavor. The York Imperial apple originated in Addison County, Vermont.

The apples are typically large and can be deep red or green with yellow undertones. These apples are usually used for cooking and can also be eaten fresh. These fruits grow on an evergreen fruit tree.

10. Yellow watermelon

Yellow watermelon is a sweet fruit, with a sweet flavor and a crisp flesh. It is often used as a refreshing snack or as an appetizer before dinner. The rind of the yellow watermelon can vary in color from light to dark green; though they all share the same yellow-orange color inside.

11. Yellow plum

Yellow plums are sweet, juicy fruits that are only available for a short period of time. They are also called lemon plums.

This fruit that starts with y have a tart aftertaste because of their skin. The fruit generally served raw but can also be used to prepare jams or grilled.

12. Yellow Mombin

Yellow Mombin grows on a subtropical fruit tree native to central and southern America. It is most commonly found in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and Panama.

The yellow mombin has a thin skin which can be peeled off to reveal the soft flesh inside. The yellow mombin can be eaten raw or cooked into pies or jams.

13. Yiessas

Yiessas is an exotic fruit that begins with y. This yellow fruit has a gorgeous golden yellow color. The soft flesh is rich with different nutrients.

14. Yakima pear

The Yakima pear is a type of tree grown in the state of Washington. It grows to about thirty feet and can be seen throughout the region.

Harvesting season for this variety is from late August through October, and it’s best eaten fresh or baked into pies or crisps. These pears also make great ingredients for jams and jellies.

15. Yellow strawberry

Yellow strawberries are a tasty variety of strawberry fruits, and they come in either yellow or white colors. They are larger than other types of strawberries, but taste about the same.

This pale yellow fruit can be used for baking and the fresh fruit can be eaten raw.

16. Yellow tree tomato

Named for the color of the leaves, the yellow tree tomato is a rare variety that originated in South America.

The fruit has a sweet taste and is often used fresh to make sauces or salsa. While its production is small, the yellow tree tomato has inspired many people to plant it in their own gardens.

17. Yeheb nut

If you find yourself hungry during the day and searching for a snack, look for something that is not sweet. That’s where yeheb nut comes in! Yeheb nuts are a delicious and nutritious choice that will provide you with a punch of protein.

In Eritrea, it is primarily grown for its oil which is used for cooking and can substitute for butter in baking recipes.

18. Yellow mosambi

Mosambi is a tangy and sweet fruit indigenous to India and has been described as a variety of lime. Mosambi has a yellow peel and light green interior flesh, and often has seeds that are spat from the fruit. This tangy citrus is typically eaten fresh or in drinks such as juice or mojito.

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