21 Fruits that Start with H (2024)

Fruits are a must have if you want to maintain good health. In a recent article we look at different fruits that start with g. In the article below, we’ll look at the next letter, fruit that starts with h.

We’ll explore popular edible berries such as the hackberry to lesser known fruit with h such as the hardy kiwi fruit. Ready to learn? Let’s get started.

List of fruits that start with the letter H

1. Hardy kiwi

Hardy kiwis are a fruit that have a smooth exterior and a sweet, succulent inside. They thrive in cold weather, which makes them great for Northern climates where the temperature is often below fifty degrees Fahrenheit during the winter months.

Kiwi’s thrive best when they are close to other trees or shrubs because it allows them to take advantage of their habitat and grow more healthily.

2. Honeydew melon

Honeydew melon

If you are looking for something sweet and refreshing to eat, look no further than the honeydew melons. Honeydews come in many shapes and sizes. But all of them are light green on the outside with an orange-yellow flesh inside.

This fruit is low in calories and sugar which makes it perfect for snacking. It is also rich in vitamin C which will help your immune system stay healthy. It is also called green melon.

3. Horned melon


A common misconception is that the Horned melon, also known as the Monstera deliciosa, is a vegetable. It’s actually a fruit with an h.

The horned melon originally came from Mexico and can be eaten raw or cooked. This green melon has a sweet flavor. Horned melon is a fruit that is highly nutritious.

4. Hawthorn edible berries

Hawthorn edible berries

Hawthorn fruit is a type of berry that grows on hawthorn trees. This purple-red fruit is generally eaten by hawks and other birds, but can also be enjoyed by humans.

Hawthorn fruit is known to have many health benefits. The flesh has a slightly sour taste. Make sure not to eat the seeds.

5. Huito fruit

Other fruits that start with h are the huitos. Huito fruit is a tropical fruit that grows in South America. It has a sweet flavor and can be eaten raw or added to other dishes.

The fruit typically has an oval shape and can be found year-round in various locations, depending on the time of the year.

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6. Hog plum

Hog plum

Hog plums are a fruit that is related to the plum and apricot. They can be eaten fresh or cooked and made into desserts, jams, pies, and more.

The fruit contains calcium, potassium, and thiamin. The Hog plum has an oval shape with smooth green skin..

7. Hala fruit

Hala fruit

Hala fruit is a tasty fruit that grows in tropical regions. It can be eaten fresh or used for making juice, jelly, jam, syrup, and more! You’ll love its sweet delicate taste. It’s also widely known as the tahitian screw pine and can be grown in Hawaii.

8. Heirloom tomato

Heirloom tomato

Heirloom tomatoes, a type of tomato which is more flavorful and less acidic than the variety of tomatoes most people buy at grocery stores.

These tomatoes are becoming increasingly popular for those looking to cook from scratch. There are various varieties of heirloom tomatoes including cherokee purple, Azoychka, and brandywine. This citrus fruit will help you cook up delicious recipes.

9. Hairless rambutan

Hairless rambutan

Hairless rambutan is a type of fruit that is found in Southeast Asia. These hairless rambutan fruits have been found to have a variety of health benefits, among them being the ability to aid in digestion and promote blood circulation.

It’s common for people to be intimidated by the creepy appearance of this fruit, but it doesn’t deserve its fearsome reputation.

10. Hackberry fruit

The Hackberry, or Celtis occidentalis, is a deciduous shade tree native to North America. The fruit is an oval shaped berry that ripens in the fall and has a sweet taste.

Normally the berries are eaten by many birds, but they are also used in some herbal medicine and can be made into jam and pies.

11. Honeycrisp apple

Honeycrisp apple

If you’re looking to try a new type of apple this fall, you should consider the Honeycrisp. These apples have a great crisp texture and a sweet taste.

This variety is unique because it crisps better, tastes sweeter, and contains more antioxidants than other types of apples. The apples also have a slight pear flavor. One downside to these fruits that start with h is that they bruise easily so they aren’t good for travel.

12. Himalayan mulberry

Himalayan mulberry

Himalayan mulberries are edible fruit that are native to eastern Himalaya region, found in the wild at elevations between 1500 and 3500 meters.

They are an evergreen shrub that prefers temperatures below 10°C, with prolonged periods of dryness. The fruits are dark red or black, up to 0.78 inches or 2 cm long. There are two subspecies: one has a bitter taste and the other is sweet.

13. Honeysuckle plant berries

Honeysuckle plant berries

The honeysuckle plant is a wildflower that can be found in various types of environments, including moist forests, fields, hedges, and woodlands.

The plant produces red berries which are edible for humans. Honeysuckle plants are also used to create tea that has antioxidant properties that have been shown to have health benefits for the brain.

14. Hottentot fig

The Hottentot fig is a fruit that starts with h. This plant grows in Southern Africa where the climate is hot and humid.

The Hottentot fig is typically harvested when it’s still green so that it can ripen on the tree to produce sweeter fruit. It can grow to be as large as a baseball and is classically green and grape-like. Its scientific name is Carpobrotus edulis.

15. Highbush blueberry

Highbush blueberry

Blueberries are a small fruit that grows on highbush varieties of the blueberry plant. Native to North America, the berry was originally used for medicinal purposes and is a popular addition to a balanced diet.

16. Hunza apricots

 Hunza apricots

The Hunza apricots are the most delicious, juicy, sweet fruit you will ever taste! When they ripen in July, farmers harvest them and sell them.

One of the appealing things about these apricots is they have a long shelf life. Even after being harvested, they will last for six months if you store them correctly.

17. Hawthorn berry

Hawthorn berry

The hawthorn berry is a small, dark-red fruit that grows on the hawthorn plant. It’s best known for its heart-healthy properties, but it’s also rich in vitamin C.

Studies show that it can help increase blood flow to the heart, making recuperation from an illness or injury faster.

18. Hami melon

 Hami melon

Hami melon is a fruit that is grown in China. It has an oblong shape and has a yellow skin. The flesh of the Hami melon is orange in color and is very juicy.

Hami melons are high in Vitamin C and are a good source of fiber. They are also known as snow melons.

19. Hass avocado

Haas avocados are a popular variety of avocado, grown in California and other parts of the world. The Hass avocado is elongated and has a dark green skin that may turn black as it ripens.

The flesh is creamy and smooth, with a slightly nutty flavor. Haas avocados are used in many dishes, both savory and sweet. They are also popular for use in smoothies and guacamole.

20. Higo fruit

higo fruit

Higo fruit is a type of fruit that is found in Japan and start with h. The fruit is sour in taste and it is used to make juices and jams. Higo fruit is also used to make pickles.

source: pandanus fruit

higo fruit

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